Dew of the Mountain

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Just another short story I wrote trying to find inspiration. Shorty and silly.

Submitted: April 29, 2018

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Submitted: April 29, 2018



In the way way back of the early 1800’s there was an explorer by the name of Pepsy. He was and adventurous and rugged man who was always in search of the undiscovered countryside. One day on his travels in the wild bush he discovered a tribe of natives around a campfire in the Appalachian Mountains of the Tennessee Territory. He decided to speak with them to see if there was any trade and a fire sounded nice and cozy. As he was approaching a toothless old Indian said, “How!” Pepsy was very confused by this and simply said, “How what?”

After they exchanged pleasantries Pepsy noticed that everyone had a horn chalice and were heavily drinking a greenish concoction that looked more than a wee bit tasty. The toothless Indian, who Pepsy had started referring to in his head as “Gummy”, noticed that Pepsy was eyeballing the juicy beverages of his people and handed him a horn. Gummy said, “ Nectar of the God’s not known to tribe of the white man. Here!!! Drink the Dew of the Mountain.”

Pepsy drank and drank and drank. He had never known something so sweet and wonderful. Every drink was more magical than the first and he could feel a sudden rush of joy, and energy for some reason. Pepsy said, “Where did you get this marvelous beverage from Gummy? I mean person?” After a brief pause Gummy yells,  “The mountain provides for us and all its peoples!”

Pepsy eventually left the Indian folk but not without a horn of the tasty beverage he had discovered. He thought it strange though that all them were overweight and none of them had any teeth. Very peculiar for an Indian tribe, but no matter, he couldn’t wait to show his friends back home at Sodahtown.

Once home he saw his Grandpappy sitting in his rocking chair on the porch with a couple of local dogs smoking a corn cob pipe.  “Hello there Granpappy I have something for you to try.” Grandpappy tried the nectar and rejoiced and soon all the people from the neighborhood came to try the fabled Dew of the Mountain.

The next day in a rush Pepsy went back to the Indian tribe with a train of horses and wagons full of barrels. Pepsy made a deal with the Indians so that his community could have as much of the nectar as could be carried and for generations to come. The deal struck between the Mountain tribe and the Sodahtown peoples still stands to this day. You can still find the town in Tennessee if you look hard enough. The peoples are fat and jolly and always have a toothless grin. They decided to rename the tasty beverage in the end though. Instead of the Dew of the Mountain they now call it Mtn Dew for short.


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