The Legends of Darkstalker

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This is a description of The Legends of Darkstalker: Wings of Fire

Submitted: April 29, 2018

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Submitted: April 29, 2018



The Legends of Darkstalker takes place from three points of view: Fathom, an Animus  SeaWing that is entrapped in a love that he could never plausibly have. Clearsight, a NightWing that worries over every possible timeline that may occur. And then there's Darkstalker. A NightWing-IceWing hybrid that is hiding his Animus powers from his father, Prince Arctic. Darkstalker is seeking out a pontential way to keep his soul from becoming evil. Fathom, meanwhile, passed his animus test after he broke his Uncle Albatross's ribs witha coconut. Fathom yet has to understand his feelings for Indigo. But Indigo already seeks out a future for the both of them to be together. Clearsight, now a seer at her school, has finally met Darkstalker. Since she can see the future, she says that her and Darkstalker are destined to be together. But Darkstalker isn't the kind of dragon she thinks he is.

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