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welcome to my page or whatever your reading right now. i understand if you skip this and go on with your life, but sadly i can't do that. in my blogs i will end up writing about my day or what
happened throughout the day. hope i can get some laughs out of you.

Submitted: April 29, 2018

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Submitted: April 29, 2018




I am a middle schooler who is pretending to be a international blogger in a chick flick. No thats not true, im the typical girl at school whos a outsider and pretends to actually be cool online in snapchat or instagram even though i barely get likes. And those likes are from my best friend and my aunt. 

I currently lost my best friend and are having problems with my life in general. Most people think that my life is  perfect and that i continue with my happy life. But honestly its not that happy or cheerful. 

I recently found a new friend and yes, she is very very nice and she actually gets me sometimes. 

I have a boyfriend, im not telling you his name because if i did that would be way too obivous. 

If i ACTUALLY get SEEN and people from my school reads this, i will end up killing my self and burying myself in a hole the next day. My family actually cares about me, but my brother doesnt. 

I honestly are not suprised that my brother hates me only because i bothered him for half of his life. 

Today Sunday April 29 is my old friends birthday, we live far apart and i hope i can see her one day. I forgot it was her birthday until i realised it was walking out of walmart with my new pink bra and underwear. 

im not rich nor poor but im wealthy enough to by a starbucks for 3.99 ( all starbucks drinkes are like 123.99 ) 

My goal is to actually get 1 view this whole week and hopeufully someone will like it. if they did i will not kill myself and bury myself in a hole. 

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