"The man by the window"

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I was seven years old at the time. Our house had a playground in the backyard, complete with a swing set.
 My bedroom however was facing the playground. That wouldn't be so bad considering your only seven and I would get excited everytime I see it. However one night it was raining really hard and the wind was making eerie morning sounds. It was late I mean around 2 am.
 I woke up to a loud crash sound outside. And at that exact moment I heard the sound of the swing moving back and fourth. I slowly made my way to the window from my bed and I saw what looked like a shadow on the swing set. I was frozen with fear as the shadow had gotten up from the swing and I watched as the shadow had disappeared into the woods. I took a deep breath and sighed relived. 
Just then another loud boom following the flash of lightning I saw for the first time the man! He was dressed in a suit and was wearing a hat.
 He looked freaky his face was torn up as well he was bleeding all over and I saw him smile at me and was waiving. I froze. After a few seconds I got up the courage to run back to my bed and pull the covers over my head. I heard the sound of thunder along with a new sound a "Tap Tap Tap" at my window. 
I pulled down the covers, the man was just outside my window waiving and smiling again. I saw him out his hands against the window, as thunder came roaring down like a lion. The man he pushed open my window! I screamed as loud as I could for my parents. 
I saw the man run away. My mom came in the room with my dad. I told them what happened and my dad saw the window was open, he looked out the open window and saw a man running away in the distance.  He slammed the door and sure enough there was two bloody handprints on my window. My dad called the police. 
We never saw the man again. That was until last night. It was around 2 am I heard at my window "Tap, Tap,Tap!".

Submitted: April 30, 2018

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Tom Sawyer

Great freaking ending. Probably the best short horror story I've read on here so far. I got admit it got me a little spooked not knowing what was going to happen. Thanks for the story!!!

Mon, April 30th, 2018 4:57am

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