Flowers of Abstract

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I opened my eyes. Would appreciate feedback and criticism, thanks.

Submitted: April 29, 2018

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Submitted: April 29, 2018



I opened my eyes. The scene was stunning. So vivid, so colorful, so real. I was standing in the middle of a field of endless flowers. It was filled with tulips, orchids, peonies and many other beautiful flowers all organized into separate rows based on their type and color. Every direction I looked, the field seemed to go on forever.

I looked up and saw a full blue sky with no signs of clouds and in the middle was the large yellow sun shining prominently. The sun seemed brighter than usual today and as the rays of the sun hit the flowers, they were given the gift of life and danced like a wind was pulling and pushing them back and forth.

I skipped along the field, taking in the beautiful surroundings and pleasant smells that filled the field with a strong perfume.

As I was walking, I suddenly noticed a figure slowly emerging from ahead of me. As the figure walked towards me, I realized it was a woman. We walked towards each other and as she got closer, I realized that she was astonishingly beautiful.

As she passed by the flowers, they grew larger and livelier. It was as if the sun gave them the gift of life, but the woman raised them, gave them a childhood and made them into the mature adults they are today.

Every step she took felt like a light earthquake to me. An earthquake of goosebumps surged through my entire body leaving me brimming with feelings of lust until finally, we were close.

She smiled lightly as I was standing there shell-shocked. She slowly pulled me in, and with the intent to kiss, I closed my eyes.


I opened my eyes. The woman was right in front of me. I looked around and the scene was the same, the flowers were still colorful and lively while the sun was still shining dominantly.

But then I looked down and suddenly there was a ringing in my ear. The woman was crying, and I could start to see tears forming in her eyes. I tried to put my hand out to comfort her, but she suddenly turned around and started walking the way she came, covering her eyes with her hands.

As she started walking away, I felt an incredibly sharp pain in my chest, followed by the same pain in my head and then my legs. It was as if I was being was being shot multiple times in various places of my body with invisible bullets. I realized that for every step that the woman took, I would be pelted and as she got farther away, the pain would get worse.

I observed in agony as I realized that I wasn’t the only one experiencing this pain. As the woman’s tears hit the ground, the flowers around her would slowly lose their color, slowly lose their livelihood until eventually, they turned black and dropped to the ground. The woman’s tears were poison to the flowers as the field slowly began to look like a wasteland.

I dropped to the ground, paralyzed. The woman was gone from my view, but I could still feel the pain from her steps and I could see the furthest flowers turning black. I looked up at the sky and saw dark, black clouds closing in. They covered the sky like curtains on a window. The sun was gradually engulfed by the clouds until it was covered, and there were no more colors left on the field.

It started raining and the field filled like a fish tank. I was laying down, so it didn’t take long for the water to start coming over me. I tried to move and escape, but I was paralyzed from the pain. After a few more seconds, I was submerged in water, and I closed my eyes.

I opened my eyes, and I was leaning against a wall, the wall was covered with blood, the ground covered in tears. I was still paralyzed but the pain had stopped. The woman was gone, and I had a feeling she wouldn’t be coming back.

The scene was black and white. All traces of colors had faded and the beauty the field once had was now nothing more than a black, barren desert that went on for miles and miles.

I wanted to cry, I wanted to sit there and drown my sorrows for the rest of eternity. But I couldn’t, I was toneless, I was emotionless, I was… dead. It was at that moment I realized that the tears on the ground, they were mine. I had cried all my tears away and bled every drop of my blood from my body.

My senses were failing the only sense that I had now was sight. But even that was fading away as my eyes were slowly closing by themselves. I felt as if I was truly dying and after a few minutes, the black, desolate field camouflaged with the inside of my eyelids, and I closed my eyes.

I opened my eyes.

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