Crystal rain

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Submitted: April 29, 2018

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Submitted: April 29, 2018



Crystal Rain

Year 845, she swirled a big black umbrella during the blizzard, that was going upside down and right-side for the sake of keeping her body out of the white and pure snow that could cover her body and it would be camouflaged and blended in with the environment. She walked and walked for hours, leaving footprints behind that were instantly concealed by the snow.

The forest is where she belonged to, it’s the only place she felt safe from the outside world. The land was her base and foundation, the trees were her protectors. Soon enough she got to her cabin, which was as flat as a white wall from a far away angle by the soft and blinding white snow.

She walked to the front door to find a note stuck in the middle of the wooden door, written in an extraordinary and fascinating way. The note gave her unnatural sensations, as she held it, she noticed that the edges of the note were burnt and ancient almost like they were made by something, not someone. She held the note to tightly to her chest to guard it against the snow that will further damage it. She walked in, turned on the fireplace, went to her bedroom and took off her coat that was coated in hail, and her shoes that were dripping water. She made her way back to her living room that gave her miniature dots that covered her entire body and that forced her tiny soft black body hair to rise. The fireplace was turned on and she was sitting next to it, reading the note with a horrified look on her face, that her mouth was getting rounder and rounder, her eyes were starting to look like a blackhole dripping in stars, her face held so many emotions of happiness, sadness and her main emotion was disturbance. The note foreshadowed that something out of her hands was about to take place.




“Dear Angelica,

 “You may wonder who I am and how I know your name, it is complicated and strenuous to clarify to such small-minded creature like you dear,

The note you hold, it holds an unnatural power, that exceeds the humans need for unsubstantial power. The instant your icy fingers touched the note, you were the only holder and a vessel of a godly potential.”






Angelica shrugged off her shoulders and laughed in relief that this was nothing, but a mischief by young souls. She scrunched the note and threw it into the fireplace and watched it burn in pieces until there was nothing left but grey ashes. This reminded her of when her father used to through away her detailed paintings that took her years to complete.

Angelica walked slowly to her bed, not being able to remove the thought of what that note said.  Eventually, she fell asleep, and suddenly woke up from her bed in terror as she realised no one could possibly know her name. She sat on her bed, crying in sorrow that someone knew who she was, and regretted burning it to ashes because now she may never know who it was written by or what else it held.

It was almost dawn at the time, and Angelica decided to go back to sleep, but she did not know, what was passed down to her.

In the morning she woke up with a gentle smile on her face, almost like what occurred the night before, never really happened. She started verbalising her subconscious thoughts.

It’s a snowy day in Lake Tahoe, one of the most famous lakes known for having beautiful snow. As the snowflakes tremble to the ground you can catch a glimpse of the uniqueness that a snowflake has. The edges of the snowflake shine like a professionally cut diamond. The golden strings of sun rays went straight through it, making it look as if it was snowing blue sharp crystals.

As I sat down inside my toasty warm house. I handled a cup of sweet hot chocolate, wrapped up in a feathery blanket sitting around a fireplace and staring at the falling crystals. The Scent of this setting is very nostalgic, with the wood burning as it flickers the burned ashes away into nothingness. The scent of the hot chocolate and the warmth it gives out reminds me of when I used to…


And she stopped, as she remembered where she belonged and who she really was.

She ran to her kitchen to see the calendar that was magnetically stuck on a refrigerator, she saw the date and was in complete confusion “9th of April 2001” written in a bold neat font that she’s never seen before.

Angelica then turned around while holding her hot chocolate and looked around as she knew this house by heart, she then dropped her mug and it shattered on the floor just like her eyes started to shatter droplets of tears. She saw the note, on her kitchen table. Laying there, just like it was before on her door, burned edges with extraordinary handwriting and leaked ink, she held the note and her eyes shut, her mouth opened in fear as she saw in her mind, a young lady, with a black umbrella making her way to a cabin in the middle of a blizzard.

Then she opened her eyes to only find out that in that time and age, she was not able to understand the letters or any word that was written there. That made her realise her powers are yet to be unlocked and figured out.


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