The Fishergirl

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Long ago in elementary school, I had a "friend" I hung out with only because the whole school seemed to hate her. She wasn't a good person or a good friend, but no one deserves to be treated the way she was, so I was nice to her and even came to trust her…which set me up for betrayal. This poem is a particular favorite of mine.

You called my name
You barged through my door
Yet you retain your innocence
Maddening, controlling innocence.

You’ve drawn in many people
And you took devilish pleasure in your antics.
Every time you lie your nose grows
And you prefer it longer, like a cat preferring the larger mouse.
The greater the lie, the longer the nose, the further you’re fed.

Pinocchio, I should call you Pinocchio
You fiendish little girl
Little? You’ll never grow to teen hood, though you’re fourteen.
I don’t know your birthday; why would I care?
You lured me into my trap, my own room, to rob me.

I have no proof of your wrongdoings.
I can’t tell you “Go away.”
But you know that I know your secrets.
I’ve seen your nose grow.
You’ve let it grow right in front of my face
And you think I’m too daft to see the difference.
You’re a liar, you know it, and you relish it, bask in it.

But I’m an honest person.
You can’t reel me in.
I’m not a fish you can eat.
You’ve hooked me once, I retained the scar,
And you won’t hook me again.
Because I can see the hook on your long nose.

Submitted: April 30, 2018

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