This is the second of a five-part series of poems written about my first boyfriend, back in high school. The other four are Shattered, You Are Lost to Me, Lost, and
Goodbye and Hello. You get the picture…he wasn't my best choice of a partner.

He’ll drive me mad one day
Though perhaps he already has
Hugs me as a boyfriend would
But is he worth the trouble?
Maybe not

Questionable decisions about school and friends
Knows not where to stop
Doesn’t understand why he succeeds
Or why he fails
He’s lost to me

Though something within me keeps on trying
Keeps urging him on
Waits every day for his million hugs
And then finds the rest of me to be…gone
This cannot go on.

But how can I stop
He’s there, he’s everywhere
Generous, caring, but wrong in everything else
My sense of humor
But always failing

Some light
Still burns inside.
Me or him
I cannot tell.

Submitted: April 30, 2018

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