Poem for My Anatomy Teacher

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Back in high school, two of my favorite teachers were voted "most intimidating" in the class superlatives. This unfair judgement of one teacher in particular struck a nerve for me.

You created all that you know of me.
I know that for a fact.
You know from my autobiography assignment
That I come from a family of people who utilize their genius.
Who make it obvious what they’re here for.
For a while, I knew how they did it. I achieved. I won major awards.
But all of this contributed to my downfall.
I withered into…nothing.
I assumed I was at the top and needed not to work for it.
I fell.
A chasm opened up and swallowed me whole.
And you, with your demanding curriculum and message of honor,
Have tranquilized the beast and allowed me to learn.
It is the qualities people fear about you that I love the most.
As I have said many times, all in truth:
You have awakened within me a drive to succeed
That I’d smothered for the longest time.
You are not only the greatest inspiration of all the teachers,
But also my greatest inspiration.

Submitted: April 30, 2018

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