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These stanzas came to me one night and just wouldn't let up. I'm not even sure who this poem's addressee is, just that I don't know such a person…yet.

Submitted: April 30, 2018

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Submitted: April 30, 2018



You don’t understand
What you are to me
You can never comprehend
How lost I am at sea

When I lose my direction
You’re there supporting me
You’re there for my protection
But never pushing me

You’ve got brains
And you use them too
And that’s perhaps
What I love most about you

We have interests in common
But above all
You never let me down
When I’m about to fall

And when I’m scared of you
—because you scare me too—
You back off for a moment
And suddenly I love you

I’m helpless before you
And yet I see my own way
Because what makes us different
Surmounts what makes us same

And yet we come from twin worlds
We’ve each known pain
We’ve both been hurt
And we’ve never been the same

But I can’t help loving you
Because it’s what I’m meant to do
And I see you’re drawn to me
Because I can see into you

We’ve come from separate shores
But we’ve converged here today
And we’d better make the best of it
No matter what the pain

I wish you’d understand
What you mean to me
I wish you’d comprehend
How lost I am at sea

And I wish I knew
Who on earth you are
And so I ask, are you close?
Or if not, are you far?

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