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She is a gorgeous chaos who rules hearts Difficult to judge hard to break.she is the goddess of dignity we name her as a women

Submitted: April 30, 2018

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Submitted: April 30, 2018



"Her footsteps sings a reckless serenade" I could feel the rythemic p each a and every time it gets closer to me...as if it's embracing me to salvation.

Once i look back I could see only a single footprints on the path of my life ..

Her voice echoed from inside ....when you see only single set of footprints it was then I carried you..

I could feel her fragrance more stronger which is difusing my worries when's she's outdoor or walking towards the suburban in the fiercy crowds and noisy vehicles I follow her footsteps which replaced my heartbeats.

The doorbells rings, exact at 7.30 in the evening couldn stop me from imitating the rhythm of your footsteps......Yes!! here comes my mom ...I could feel her face ,bit worn out ,torn apart in bits but here eyes still fixed upon a boon , to have a glimpse beyond the walls visioning her daughter's face ,

zooming smile spread across so bright ,voiceforous noise dsnt stop her from expressing her love towards her solitere.

She breaks every day ...but a glimpse of a tiny stature waiting beyond the walls of her attic' silvery talk gives her a tepid feel, her mighty looks builts her up every day.

The magnitude of the tragedy and depth of her privilege was never lost ...we can never count the cost of a working mother ,boundless devotion towards kindred and reluctant to validate her existence.

Well I think , when all mother are surviving in the guilt of miserable life , working mothers are plagued with guilt of steroids .....their feelings are cancered for not being with family.

The phrase working mothers are redundant ....my mom never give up on any difficulties which came across her

She fought like a feriouceous lioness brought me up like a pearl in the oyster .

She didn need to be saved she needed to be found and appreciated and women who is determined to race.she is a mess of gorgeous chaos and I could see it in her eyes.

She placed the footprints for my legacy,built my path with her grace, that lights the way ahead ,

the smile across her face which is saintly spread.

She is the Diana of my dreams

Daughter of my destiny

She willed her luck in my name

Left the wrath on her shoulders

She is the wonder women which established history in my white paper .

All women become like their mothers ..a fortunate tragedy, but no man does...that's his tragedy.

Let me die on her footsteps before,

I go underground.

the footprints vanished in depth, but the essence stayed in my blood.

#To the most wonderful lady I have ever met is my super mom#

#by sumitra nair#sumi

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