The Legend of Darkstalker (Part Two)

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This is part two of the book review. Enjoy!

As Darkstalker and Clearsight go further into their romantic relationship, the SeaWing Kingdom goes down in peril as Albatross, Fathom's uncle, kills his sister, Queen Lagoon. As Indigo and Fathom hide in fear under a boat, Albatross attempts to kill Fathom, but Indigo starts fighting against him. While Indigo kept Albatross busy, Fathom ordered fishing spears to kill Albatross. After the fight, Indigo was deeply injured. After Fathom used his animus powers to heal Indigo, he made an oath to his sister, now Queen Pearl, that he'd never have dragonet's with Indigo. Back in the NightWingK Kingdom, Darkstalker shows Clearsight that he put all of his animus magic into a scroll. Now that it was all on a scroll, his soul wouldn't be affected by the animus magic. As he makes a scroll talk by itself, his father, Prince Arctic, finds out that Darkstalker actually does have Animus magic. As Clearsight tries to hide the scroll from Arctic, she has a vivid vision. A vision about Darkstalker wearing a twisted crown, sitting on the NightWing throne, killing every dragon in sight.

Find out more in Part Three! It shall be published tomorrow.

Submitted: April 30, 2018

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