At Ducked

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This poem makes no sense at all. I wrote it as a joke, but maybe someone will like it because of how poorly written it is.

Submitted: April 30, 2018

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Submitted: April 30, 2018



I flew a feather through the woods,

I smushed the smushed ground,

I tickled the taco,

But then we all drowned!


How could it be?

How could you be?

Hello Floop Floop Floop!

Have a toast!


Have you a knowledge I do?

I give hint to you!

Eat the advice!

It tastes like rice!


Oh that sunny morning's day,

Have you seen my missing ray?

I sniffed the air,

But I couldn't care!

You were there anyways.


Floofa Floofa Floofa go the feathered wings,

Through the sky we soar!

Rainbows and clouds and sun light!

Hey, watch out!



Can you hear it too?

The sound of the advice-spaghetti?

We ate it!


No... No... No...

Eat like the wolf,

This is because,

We're on fire!


Hee hee hee,

Do you care?

More than that bear?

I don't know you!










The ripple of the wind through silver curtains of grass,

Grass is not silver,

This is not grass?


But I did fly the feather through the woods,

I did,

I did,

I did!


Who shook the shooka shooka poo poo? 

You are not serious!

Am you crazy?

No, crazy is you!


And then we are the chicken blue,

And then we flew the feather through,

And then it was all true,

This poetry stinks like poo.

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