The Fifth Dimension

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The Fifth dimension is a story that is about a teenage boy that discovers a great power that was hiding inside him. Later on his world gets threatened and him his companions are the only people to
stop the evil scheme that was created by the mysterious people.

Submitted: April 30, 2018

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Submitted: April 30, 2018



The Fifth Dimension

“Shelton, get ready man, we're about to leave for the bonfire.” Shelton is always late to something, whether it's school or church, he never fails to be late. It was just hitting 7 o’clock and the bonfire started at 7:30. Shelton finally got ready at around 7:22. I knew we were going to be late because of Shelton and my mom. My mom was not the type to of person to speed when she needed to get somewhere. She took her precious little time when she got on the road, and she never pulled off until everybody in the car had their seat belts on. Shelton is a very good friend of mine, but he doesn’t know my mom very well, or should I say, at all. He didn’t know that my mom wouldn’t pull off until all seat belts were on, and he didn’t buckle his in. My mom sat there in dead silence for at least 3 minutes until I realized Shelton didn’t have his seat belt on, so I yelled,

“Shelton, put your freaking seatbelt on!” He replied back saying,

“Okay i'll put in on, but you don’t have to yell at me.” We finally get moving, and the bonfire already started so I accepted the fact that we were going to be late. When we got to the bonfire we expected it to be really crowded and loud, it was neither.

“Yo this party is lame let's go home and do something else.”

Shelton said. I agreed with him, so we left, but my mom had already dropped us off a couple of minutes ago and she was going out tonight too so I knew she wasn’t turning around just to come get us. Shelton and I were debating on whether we would make a troop home or go roam the school. I knew the walk was long and if we did walk home we wouldn’t have food, because my mom was going to order pizza when she picked us up after the bonfire. And if we roamed the school we would either get caught or end up breaking something.

“Oh, we should go get snacks across the street and then walk to the movie theater near my neighborhood.”

I actually thought that was a good idea so we started walking to Walmart near our school.

“Man my head really hurts all of a sudden again”.

“Just come on Xay your head is always doing that, you should be used to it by now right?”

“What? No, it doesn’t work like that”.

My head would start pounding out of nowhere. It was every day, no specific time. I had random headaches and headaches that would occur right after a dream. There was something really weird about my dreams too. They felt extremely real. You know those nightmares where you wake up panting because it was so terrifying it felt real? Well my dreams felt even more real than that, nightmare or not.

“It’ll go away soon right though?” Said Shelton.

“Yea, it will, I hope.” I said.

We made it to the store and went inside, the old man standing at the door greeted us, but stopped us to tell us that we needed parental supervision because of pass incidents. Me and Shelton looked at each other and ran right by him into the bathroom.

“Phew, that was close right Xay?”

“Yea it was close, hey and my migraine went away too.”

We waited in the bathroom for a good 7 minutes probably, we had to get out of that bathroom because it smelled as if they haven’t cleaned it in years. I opened the door carefully and we both walked real fast towards the dairy section.

“Why are we in this section Xay, it's cold and i'm lactose intolerant.”

“Don’t worry, we're going to the snacks now, geez.”

We got our snacks and headed towards the register and bought our stuff and left. “Shelton how much money do you have left?”

“I have 6 dollars left why?”

“The movie tickets idiot!”

“Oh I’ll pay for most of mines and you can pay the rest.”

I said that was fine, he would only have to pay me back. We had to run past the walmart greeter because I don't think he liked us that much. After we left we got to a very busy crosswalk on the road, and the sign would never turn to walk, so Shelton ran when he saw a small opening. I tried the same, I ran right behind him but there was so much traffic it wasn’t enough time for me to across with him. By the time of me thinking of all that, I was in the middle of the road continuing to run behind Shelton, and out of nowhere, BOOM a car going about 45 miles an hour hit me. It was the most excruciating pain i’ve ever felt in my whole entire life. I felt every little thing until everything got so dark and it felt like time itself slowed down, but only for me. Sound was distorted, cars looked as if they were going 10 miles an hour, and my heart beat felt ten times slower. And suddenly i blacked out, losing all of my grip on reality. It was all black and dark when I lost consciousness. When I woke up i heard sirens and lots of voices all around. One distinct, but faint voice I heard sounded like my mom saying, “hey that's my baby”. I felt a slight jolt and i opened my eyes to find me right outside the local hospital in orlando. As soon as they got me to the door i blacked out once more.

This time it was so weird, it wasn't just blackness and darkness this time. It was like i was in a tunnel with a bright light at the end, the only thing i could think of was to just go to the light, and so i did. I ran, and ran, and ran until i finally got out of the extremely long tunnel. As soon as i got out of the tunnel i saw myself. I stopped and stared in awe, because i’ve never seen anything like it. I started moving around and he started moving around too, it was like a mirror. I jumped, he jumped then I waved, he waved, he was mirroring me, everything I did he did. I waited for like 30 seconds to see if he, or I was going to do something and he finally moved on his own. It kind of scared me because I didn't expect it, i thought he was just some kind of mirror reflection in my imagination when i was unconscious. But he wasn't just that, he started talking to me and he said, “Hey me, aren't you gonna’ say something, I mean we are thinking of the same thing all the time.”

“What, how are we thinking, wait no that's a dumb question, I mean we are the same person.”

“Yea idiot, we are, I just said that.”

“Shut up you're just jealous i'm the real version of us… Wow, we really are the same.”

“Yup, I am your fifth dimension which means i'm you in a whole nother dimension, but my dimension is the one where everyone in yours lives here too. We are the ones that make your dreams… All of them. Have you ever wondered Xay what, or who the voice in your head is when you're reading a book in or doing something else?”

“Actually, I have wondered, i just thought it was a voice my brain was making.”

“Well, that's not what it is, i'm the voices you hear in your head. We can communicate by interdimensional wormholes.”

He then goes on to tell me all the things that he regrets that he made me say because of others people reaction. He said one important thing and that was the fact that it is literally impossible to speak or interact with your fifth dimension unless you meditate and try to find your self for over a hundred years. And it only took me a couple of hours to do it. It was an extraordinary thing that i didn't know i had the potential to achieve. My fifth dimension wanted me to know how to tap into this dimension whenever i wanted. I was so eager to see how to do this because I could do so much stuff in the dimension and with the dimension. So he told me exactly how to get back to him when i awaken from this weird coma I was in. He said all I had to do was nothing, since I already opened it on accident. He said it will be open for the rest of my life until i die, but if I didn't access it right I could get stuck in between two dimensions forever. He said that when I die he also dies because our dimensions intertwine with each other. So he will die the same time I do. He says if he dies in his dimension which is very unlikely I will either die or have memory loss. Doctors have been stuck on alzheimer's for a while now ,but I finally figured out what alzheimers really is, and it's exactly what my fifth dimension me said. When anyone's fifth dimension dies that person in my dimension automatically loses their memory which is considered alzheimer's.

“ But, why do our dimensions connect?”

“ Because it just does, I have no explanation for that.”

I was surprised he didn't have an explanation to every question I had since he already knew so much.

“Wait, doctor look, he's waking up”

I heard someone saying this to me but it was muffled so i really couldn't hear them well, until a couple seconds later when I started to see things. When I saw the doctor I knew I was back to my dimension. I was somewhat sad that I came back you know, because in my fifth dimension its all quiet and peaceful. And in my regular life I obviously had other injuries such as a concussion, fractured rib and a broken collarbone, so yea I was mad.

“Honey can you hear me?”

“Yes mom I can hear you loud and clear but can you not talk to loud because I have a huge headache.”

“Oh i'm sorry baby i didn't mean to hurt you…”

And so the life of regular old Xay begins again. so I think. About two months later i'm almost all the way healed up I just had to recover from my concussion fully. I finally recovered from the concussion all the way. I went to the doctor for my last checkup for all the madness that happened, and it was a successful checkup.

“Are you happy that we're all done with everything?” Said Mom.

“I'm actually so glad that we're done, but mom I have to tell you something.” Said Xay.

“You know you can tell me anything Xay, so what do you have to tell me?” Said Mom.

“So when I got hit by the car I lost consciousness. After I lost consciousness I went to a place called a fifth dimension, it's something that everybody has, but the average person just can't get to it.” Said Xay.

“Son you sound absolutely ridiculous.” Said Mom.

“But you have to believe me! Im serious!” Said Xay.

“Ok explain more about it and I might believe you because I have heard of this fifth dimension.” Said Mom

“Okay, the fifth dimension is an alternate dimension that is almost exactly like ours. The only difference is that there's no structures their at all, it's just flat and white. In the fifth dimension the people their are the same people that are in this dimension already, and the ones that are just born in this dimension. We are all the same people in both dimensions, and some people that have access to this dimension is me and about two others around the world. So now do you kind of believe me?” Said xay.

“Yes honey I do believe you, but how does it look on the outside when you're talking to your... Basically, doppelganger?” Said Mom.

“I don't actually know that because when I communicate with him, i'm literally in that dimension.”

I was so glad my mom finally believed me, but I felt it was going to be harder for the people that haven’t heard of the fifth dimension. I was finally done recovering from my injury and I could finally test going back to my fifth dimension. I remembered that my fifth dimension self told me all I had to do was nothing because when it's open it's open forever. I went to my living room and turned off all of the lights and lit two candles to try and kind of set the mood for my departure for the fifth dimension. Everything was all good and I finally began to close my eyes and think deeply about the dimension and me inside of it. Poof, I feel my body disengage with my dimension and it felt this time as if I was going the speed of light across the widespread galaxy. It only took about fifteen seconds for me to end up With black smoke around me. I waited for a while for the smoke to clear, but it didn't. I started to get kind of dubious because I expected to have to travel through the long tunnel again to get all the way through to fifth dimension. The black smoke never went away and i’ve been waiting on it for about ten minutes or so. I made up my mind to try and run through, but it was so thick and heavy all over my body, it felt as if gravity was ten times stronger than gravity on earth. I had to come to an abrupt halt do to how hard it was to run. “ Hey is anyone there!” I yelled, in fear. “Come on if you can hear me please just come out.” I thought about what my fifth dimension was telling me when after I first met him and I remembered he told me that if I didn't access the dimension correctly I could get stuck, and I thought to myself asking what I had done. Confused and scared of the fact that I might be stuck in this dimension forever baffled me. I looked at my hands and prayed that I would be saved by someone who knows how to get here. Until then I would be trapped here forever. It feels like i was trapped forever, i had my eyes closed the whole time hoping that someone would save me. And suddenly someone grabbed my hand and tried to pull me out. It was a girls hand because of the way it felt. She tugged, and tugged, and tugged to the point where it felt as if she going to tear my arm off. She let go of my hand and her hand disappeared on to the other side of the black smoke. I was silent to see if she was going to say anything, but i waited for almost 10 minutes so i was convinced she gave up completely. I went back and closed my eyes, but this not in fear, but with anger because I wasn't saved. It was only a couple of minutes later where I heard a very faint voice. I really couldn't make out what she… Or he was saying, even though I was listening with all my might. The black smoke finally started to dissipate and so I heard the person's voice more clearly. I started to finally make what she was saying and it sounded like a girl. I was sure it was the same girl that tried to save me the first time. In fact I was right, the girl told me it was her.

“Hey its me, the girl who tried to save you earlier.”

“Hey! I can hear you, what do I have to do get out of here?”

“You have to help me help you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I can't just pull you out myself, you have to put some effort in as well.”

“Well ok then. I'm ready.”

“Okay. I'm going to pull you on three and you're going to lunge forward on three. Got it?”

“Yea. Okay.”

And so the plan worked, she pulled me and lunged towards her. It felt like a from of rebirth. My body just felt so much better from so much pressure that was on me from what ever caused that gravity change. When I got out of whatever that mess was I saw the most beautiful girl i've ever seen in my entire life. She long black, luscious hair. She had freckles over her cheeks. She hazel colored eyes. And she had the best body a woman could ever have.

“Something wrong.” Said the girl.

“No, its just your so freaking beautiful.”

“Well I get that a lot…”

Well I was there and I was so happy she helped me escape. But the atmosphere was different from the last time I was there.

“Girl, what happened?” I said.

“Uh, first let me tell you my name. Because just calling me girl is not gonna’ work. So you can call me Jade.”

“Jade? Ok that's fine.”

“Yea I know it is. But listen, I know you asked why it looked so different from when you first came and that's because we’ve currently been at war for a while now.”

“War?! That's ridiculous nobody in this dimension would ever betray one another.” I said.

“Well that's where you have it wrong. There has been 3 people just like you that infiltrated the system without taking the time to learn how to do this.” Jade said

“So their like me then right?”

“Well I wouldn't say that. They got here using technology.”

“What? How could you use technology to travel to this dimension?”

She went on to explain to me That there is a way to get to the fifth dimension without trying to rip a hole in the space time continuum. This way was to force their own brains to use a hundred percent of its power, but while their asleep. I was glad she said they can only use it when their asleep because they could be doing worse. She then told their whole scheme. And it was to over power all the forces of this dimension and take control of it and eventually be able to put bad people in place to keep control over the society while travel in and out of the dimension.

“Where is my fifth dimension self?” I asked.

“Well, he’s most likely at one of our scouts shacks, where he plans a way to fight and defeat the invaders.”

“Wow that's a big job I have in this dimension.” I said.

“Yes, You do have a big job here. You and I are actually going to save this dimension.” Said Jade.

When she said that I looked at her and she gave me this look back as if she was saying, “this isn't a joke.” I believed her. And i wasn't going to question her until I remember she said, “YOU, and I.” I quickly asked what I had to do.

“Well you have to train first, I have a regiment for i thought of when I found you.” Jade said.

She told me the regiment and everything she said was really overwhelming. The training I had to do was crucial for me to do and gain skill from it in such a short amount of time. I had a little cheat code though. Jade told me in this dimension a day is equal to one hour in the real.

“Ok i'm ready for my first lesson Master Jade.” I said as I chuckled and bowed towards her.

“Yes  it is time. The first thing we will be doing is you will be learning basic fighting lessons from a martial arts named Taekwondo.” Said Jade.

“I took taekwondo in the when i was 6 and 7 so im good on the basics.” I said.

“ No! You are nowhere okay with the basics of taekwondo yet. The master you had before probably wasn't even teaching concept behind lessons.” Said Jade.

I had to agree with Jade unless i wanted to beat up right on the spot. Once we started training for some odd reason i didn't have to take a break, not one. I made us stop to discuss why i'm not tired and i asked, “Jade, why am I not tired yet is my body supposed to be like this? I asked.

“Yes your body is fine. The reason why your not tired now is because of the large amount of reishi that's in the air of this spirit realm.” Said Jade.

I played back what she said in my head and remembered she said, “right now.”

So i asked, “What if you use up a lot of reishi at once and their isn't enough around you at the moment to reconsume?” I asked.

“Well you’ll be extremely exhausted, and depending on how exhausting you might just pass out.” Said Jade.

We then continue to train for the next 3 days. After the training i went back to the real world. Im lucky because it was a weekend so i could train and not be interrupted by school and homework. When i got back to the real world.


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