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Submitted: April 30, 2018

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Submitted: April 30, 2018



Raymond was happy to see Chantelle after such a long time. He had last seen her two years back, at Michael's first-million party, but even then he hadn't had the opportunity to spend enough time with her because Peter Stanford had been around her all the time and she had seemed to appreciate his attentions.

Besides back then Raymond was still entangled in the love affair with Julia, or to be honest with the remains of their love affair, and wouldn't have been able to focus on a new one. Actually, he wasn't able to live in the present back then; he was always ruminating on the same ideas, the same feelings, turning them over and over in his mind.

But now he had recovered his natural fondness for life; in two years he had been able to wash away the sense of guilt and inadequateness that the failure of his relationship with Julia had set in his head  like a bug. He had gone through very sad moments after they had broken up; he had come to the point of reconsidering the fundamentals of society and culture. Seeing the relationship he had invested all of of his life on collapse had shaken his life from the foundations: "was it really profitable to share one's life with a woman?" "Why must they always be so pointlessly complicated?" After all his relationships with men had always run smoothly.

When Raymond saw Chantelle in the pub with that guy, he smiled at her, and when she smiled back, he beckoned and moved towards her. She nodded back and in her nod expressed all the surprise and joy she was feeling at bumping into him. 

Chantelle was as beautiful as she could ever be; tall, slim, with her rich blonde hair cascading down her back and a generous smile always on her lips, she welcomed life in all its expressions. Which summed up the nature of her sensuality: an unconditional yes to life.

The bloke with Chantelle was good looking, just like Peter; maybe not as wealthy as Peter but definitely good looking. Tall, lean short dark straight hair, quite smart, even if a bit sad maybe and an inviting smile.

When James saw the man beckoning to him and then approaching, he was taken aback. He tried to figure out what he should do to put his best foot forward, but couldn't. His mind had gone blank. He resolved to wear his most accomplished sociable smile and say something sensational to impress him. And as he saw him nearing, he straightened his back, drew another sip and wore a welcome smile on his face. 

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