A Drink

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Submitted: April 30, 2018

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Submitted: April 30, 2018



Chantelle was elated. She hadn't seen Raymond for two years and now there he was, more handsome and interesting than ever. She had seen him leaning against the wall, sipping his long drink while musing distant realities and possibilities as was his habit. Yes, Raymond was the man of possibilities, always prepared to explore new areas of knowledge, always prepared to stride new paths. The perfect man for a woman like her who was not content with the reality offered by ordinary life.

While these thoughts flashed into her mind, the man in front of her was moving frantically, he turned round and spilled his ale on Chantelle's dress:
- Oh I'm sorry... said James. I, I, I'm really sorry...
- Oh, don't worry, it was my fault; it was me who was distracted, I'm sorry, said Chantelle generously.
- What a surprise, interrupted Raymond.
- It's a real surprise, confirmed Chantelle, after so many years.
- I'm James, nice to meet you, said James joining in.
- Raymond, it's a pleasure, said Raymond stretching out his hand towards James. Well, tell me what you have done all these years, said Raymond, addressing Chantelle.
- A lot of things really; but I don't feel like going into that right now. Let's have another drink, there's plenty of time to talk about the past.
- The drinks are on me, intervened James, please, let me...
- Ok, conceded Chantelle, it's very kind of you.
- Are you in London on business? Asked Chantelle.
- Well, actually I've moved to London three months ago, answered Raymond, I've bought  a flat in Chelsea.
- Oh, how nice, Raymond, so we can catch up.
- I'd love to...
- Here are the drinks, interrupted James. An ale for you and a Long Island for you, Raymond.
- Thank you, James. So you are colleagues, friends...?
- Oh, no... we've just... tried to say Chantelle.
- Friends, intervened James. So you are old friends...
- We have known each other for some years, yes, said Raymond, but then we went separate ways.
- You will excuse me, boys, but I need to go to the toilet.
- I understand that you've recently moved to London, for work, I suppose. What do you do?
- Oh I'm an architect, I'm working on some important projects and I must be in London for that. Besides, I've always loved London and its night life.
- Absolutely, confirmed James, even though I prefer quieter places. 
- And what do you do for a living, James?
- I'm a journalist and a poet. I write for a literary magazine and write poems in my spare time.
- How nice, I love poetry. I like writing little poems myself; nothing serious, you know, just for delight.
- Really? Do you publish your poems?
- Oh, no. They're just little things I write for myself. Nothing worth publishing.
- Please, let me take a look at them; maybe I could help you publish them. Maybe a great poet is hiding in you.
Raymond smiled. 

He was flattered. There was something in James Raymond could not quite put his finger on. An unspeakable attractiveness about him had already established a bond between them.
He saw Chantelle in the distance, coming back from the toilet and ordered another round of drinks.

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