An Eerie Paranormal Encounter

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If not all then at least some of us would have experienced things in our lives which cannot be easily explained.

Submitted: April 30, 2018

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Submitted: April 30, 2018



I don't spend a lot of time thin

I don't spend a lot of time thinking about scary demons, but I think that there are things in this world that are unexplainable that are mystical or paranormal. The possibility is there, definitely.

Katie Featherston


If not all then at least some of us would have experienced things in our lives which cannot be easily explained. We should also acknowledge with an open mind that most of such experiences are false. Our mind at times plays tricks due to fatigue, extreme fear or illness. Like I remember I was once so scared after I had a nightmare that I wanted to wake up my elder brother who was sleeping in the same room but I couldn’t move and no sounds came out despite the fact that I wanted to shout, I was actually yelling but no sounds came out, sleep paralysis.

I later realized that I was too tired that night as I didn’t take any rest and kept busy during the day. That perhaps was a factor and I therefore deleted the incident from my list of the eerie incidents.

However, there is one such incident which I cannot brush aside even after so many years have passed, yet the memories are fresh and vivid as if they transpired yesterday. It dates back to the early nineties when I was in my mid-twenties, a healthy young man. My family was away for a few days and I was watching television at around 8:00 in the evening. Something made me switch off the television, not sure what, maybe the program I was watching was too boring… I don’t remember as to why exactly I closed it without having any other plan like listening to the music, taking rest or going out etc.

We were then living in an apartment on the fourth floor in a rather busy area with roads on both sides of the building. I felt that a sudden pin drop silence had enveloped the house, and then I heard some noise from the kitchen like clanking of metal utensils. I went in to see if there was a rat in there perhaps but there was nothing. I came back to my chair and then the same sound came again. I dashed quickly this time to catch the little imp but there was nothing.

I came back and as I sat down I realized the same puzzling silence, like I was in a void, and then the message echoed in my head, very clear, very composed, mature and deliberate. A voice telling me to stay quiet and that I wouldn’t be harmed.

Of course I dismissed any paranormal activity as such and went into the drawing room instead to switch on the stereo. I inserted a cassette that I liked and played it but there was no sound. I enhanced its volume to a point that its screen was showing the highest volume but there was no sound. I used the other slot with same results and then another cassette and then another, switching between the cassette one and cassette two slots but there were no sounds. Even inserting of the cassette was noiseless. I then switched to radio, trying different channels, the signals were high but there was no sound at all, like I was in a literal void. So the sound system was out of order, that was my thought.

I went out in the balcony and there were normal sounds coming from the outside, like traffic, people talking to each other, everything was normal. Strange! I went back to the sitting room but then realized that as soon as I entered the room from the balcony, all sounds stopped while it was normal in the balcony. Really, I then slowly moved only my head forward a little, just enough for my ear to be out in the balcony, the sounds were there but as soon as I pushed back a little, no sounds…

At that point my curiosity was at peak, wasn’t scared though, at least not then. I repeated all that I had tried earlier with same results. I then decided to tell a friend of mine but when I informed him about the strange events he became scared and at that point I also developed a feeling of unease but decided to go back and repeat it all over.

As I re-entered my house it felt like a void. I religiously repeated all my previous moves, cassettes, radio and especially the room-to-balcony experiment, then reduced it to millimeters but with same results, there were no sounds whatsoever in the house. That was the point I suddenly felt the element of fear and hurriedly left the house without locking the door.

I returned after about two hours to check if the situation had changed and as soon as I entered, it was just normal which I could clearly feel. The creepy emptiness was gone like if something palpable had actually left the house. From our sitting area I heard voices of people outside and the sound of traffic as some of the windows were open. I turned on the stereo assuming that it was actually out of order but it was just fine and since I had left the volume at high with no sounds before leaving the house, I had to turn it down as it was too loud. The radio was working fine as well.

I am not sure about what had happened that day. If my mind played tricks then why our neighbors were not bothered by extremely loud music since almost all of them were at home. The voice (in my head or imagination) that asked me to stay quiet was very different. It was not threatening or malignant but was soft and reassuring. Why didn’t I hear any sounds within the room but heard everything outside in the balcony, just by moving a few centimeters to and fro, repeated that many times to dispel any weird thoughts and to fully ensure that I hadn’t lost my mind. I saw traffic down on the road without any sounds, an inch or even less forward and heard it, an inch or less backward, no sounds.

I read a number of articles afterwards to find a rational explanation. I like fiction but I personally do not believe in the occult. I firmly believe that there is always a logical explanation for everything that we observe and experience in life. What I experienced that day can be put into words in one sentence that ‘There are creatures living besides us, or maybe they are human beings separated by time, in another dimension??

But whatever was there in our house that day, it saw me, was fully aware of my presence and communicated with me. I just cannot reject it all as a mere product of my imagination!




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