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A poem about finding love, then finding out she was cheating with the best friend and then finding love again after she left him in pieces



You took my breath away from our very first date, and you still do as the years have passed, your warm embrace is still the same as it was when we first met with them eyes that sparkle. At first it was slow and nice but now my god as time passed the Thoughts of you Day and Night turned into us becoming living lovers together Moments turned to hours to months to years spent together. I used to think to my self was this real or was I dreaming because I was so happy and in love nothing could stop this it felt so right, You’re my everything my unyielding desire the spark to the match. you are my one and only with you in my life how could I go wrong.



How could you be so cruel to me when all I ever tried to do was love you and be there for you.

How could you pull the floor from beneath me when I just found my soul my lover my best friend?

How could you have said those things and pretended that they were true all it was, was false.

How could you walk away from me, were you there at the start or was it all just false like you.

How could you say you'd do it, you said you would do it we planned we had plans why, why,

How could you, you were my shining light, you left destruction when you walked out.

How could you I'm torn to pieces; I'll never be back

How could you My last shining rays, a beam joy and togetherness as gone for good

How could you the one love of my life, my final chance, as gone for ever I have lost everything I held dear.




Finally I've returned from my misery back from the man that you tried to destroy I am back, I just wanted you to know right now you thought you had destroyed me when you left with that man my so called friend, but as you can see you haven’t it was the best thing to happen to me yes it took a while to get over you and the way you treated me My heart was filled with so much love
I tried to bring you back to me, I've asked you why a thousand times But lies filled your every line , A Feeling of Despair Darkness Settles, No Happy Thoughts, the Battles over Maybe today...I’ll think straight and pull myself together. Think of all the times you hurt me, and the number of tears shed. But today...instead of pulling out and letting you walk all over me I have something to say you destroy my self confidence with the mean things you spread about me, haven a laugh on my behalf my love to you turned to hate, but now I am mellow and as calm as can be I have found a new love and she is more special to me I would not say I love her but its getting that way she is better than you in every way you was just a bitch, she is a blessing after you ripped my heart out she as mended It and slowly placed it back so you know what, I feel sorry for you now cause I have found new love what have you got?????????????????????????????????

Submitted: April 30, 2018

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Mike S.

A fine write, Si.J!

Mon, April 30th, 2018 10:00pm

Mike S.

A fine write, Si.J!

Mon, April 30th, 2018 10:00pm

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