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Submitted: April 30, 2018

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Submitted: April 30, 2018



When she entered the kitchen, a strong smell of coffee was floating in the air, evoking long-lost familiar feelings.

Michael was gone. Ellis rummaged the kitchen with her eyes in a desperate attempt to recover her love. But as all things, both good and bad, love has a limited life span, it expires. 

She would have done anything to keep Michael; he had been the only person in her entire life who had made her feel whole, both physically, morally and intellectually. Before Michael she had known many people, both men and women, but they had all made her feel amiss.

Ellis had put all her strength trying to make up for her shortcomings - for that’s where she’d come to after years of desolate self-analysis. Michael had been the only one capable of understanding her, capable of appreciating her for what she was, without expecting anything more or demanding anything different. Michael had been the one who had brought back dignity to her life and tranquillity to her mind. She knew it, she could feel it.

There she was now, with the coffee smell invading her nostrils and seizing her mind, carrying her off to the past, when Ellis and Michael were at the beginning of their relationship, when everything seemed good, when everything seemed possible. She would get up early and make coffe with the traditional Italian Mocha coffee machine, the smell of coffee would pervade the house and Michael would wake up without calling. They would have coffee together, without speaking, sitting across from each other, staring at the void between them. After coffee they would make love in perfect synchrony, their bodies responding to each other like clockwork.

He was absent sometimes, his mind absorbed in his arcane thoughts, his heart away, in a territory where she had never been admitted. She would frenzy around the house busying herself with everyday chores, and thinking about their love story, so simple, so clear, so perfect.

By and by she had began to feel she deserved more, that she had a right to demand more of him. She said their relationship should evolve, that it should grow into maturity. He didn’t get it. He thought that time was up. 

When she woke that morning, he was no longer there, the smell of coffee was all around, but he was gone. It was then that she realised, as if stricken by a lightning right in the head, that what she had cherished so much, she had destroyed. 

The odour of coffee lingered in her head reminiscent of the perfection that had been and was no more.

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