The Legends of Darkstalker (Part Three)

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This is the Part Three for the book review: The Legends of Darkstalker.

Submitted: May 01, 2018

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Submitted: April 30, 2018



Darkstalker is worried for Clearsight as the painful vision passed. And to both of their surprise, so was Arctic. Arctic asked what Clearsight just saw, and she told him. This was also astonishing news to Foeslayer as well. She could not yet fathom(not Fathom the SeaWing) why Darkstalker didn't tell the truth about being an animus. Darkstalker argued that he would get too much attention. Foeslayer told the queen about the vision of Darkstalker, and she thought that Darkstalker would be a threat. Later, after Clearsight was elected "Queen's Top Seer", she was given a job to tell the strategies from the IceWings for the next year. It was tiring work, yet she pulled through. The next day was her hatching day. And Darkstalker had a special gift for her.

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