349m Deep

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5 kids will leave their home to see the wide blue until they scuba dive and find a yacht unharmed. They all get stuck with only one escape,up. But there is some bad news... sharks, lots of them.
With only thirty four hours of oxygen, will they survive this thrill?

Submitted: April 30, 2018

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Submitted: April 30, 2018




349m Deep

By: Cameron Schuster



Troy Baldwin

Mandy Fields

Scott Osborn

Susan Briggs

Lauren Silva


Chapter 1-It’s September 19, 2026, only 5 days until the big trip. The trip where we go scuba diving for lost treasure. But nuf’ said,I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Troy Baldwin and i’m a treasure hunter trying to avenge my father who died trying to find a golden doll that has a rumor to give you one wish once you touch it. The thing is, i'm only 15 years old on an Island called Canaboo which is in the middle of nowhere and I wouldn’t be surprised if you never heard of it.


Anyways, lemme talk about my friends, we have Mandy who likes to construct trinkets for a hobby. Thenwe have Scott who is quite the bodybuilder and is brave enough to sacrifice anything for his friends. Then we got Susan who likes to go exploring and has gone on 23 adventures so far. Then we got Lauren who is an animal lover who would hate you for squishing an ant.


So like I was saying before we were going scuba diving for treasure later that day but you might be wondering, where are we’re going. Well we’re going to harbor beach where legend has it that the pirate Blackbeard hid his treasure. Now the story continues that the same doll that my father was trying to find was somewhere deep in the harbor. I asked my favorite neighbor Captain Cookie if he could estimate how far it was and it might be about 0.75 miles from here just from rumors.


Now don’t get mad for no reason if I don’t get the treasure in this adventure, it’s a normal occurrence that happens. So i’m prepared to see if there is no doll but hey, maybe there could be gold doubloons on our big trip. Now I just need to wait exactly 34h and 32 minutes until I go to the dock,not that anybody was counting.


I heard the doorbell ring out of nowhere so I got off my bed and zoomed to the door. “Hey dude, how you doing today?” Scott asked in his best australian accent. “Oh, nothing much, just that I might find the treasure that my dad has always wanted but suddenly disappeared with no body to be found” I said sarcastically. “Well I’m going to the dock to go fishing for an hour or two and I was wondering if you wanted to come?” Scott asked. “Sure lemme just ask my mom then I can go rent a fishing rod from Captain Cookie’s shop.” I said excitedly.


“I got a bite! I got a bite!” I said louder than anybody who could break glass. Then Calvin comes and snatches my catfish from my hand. “Well look at this, a fish anybody can catch, twerp.” he said. Scott then punched him in the face and then said “don’t ever say that to my friends, you hear me”. Calvin nodded yes and ran away then Scott said “don’t listen to other people, always be yourself ”. “Thanks, I needed the motivation.” I said quickly. “That’s why you're one of my best friends.”


Thirty-two hours later we we’re all at the dock waiting for our ‘Captain’ to arrive. He finally came with a surprise. The most expensive scuba tanks on the market, scuba boom 3000’s. I had to give him a hug because they must of cost a fortune. I heard they lasted thirty-six hours under the sea, but how did he get them? He doesn’t even have as much money as the average man. But I’ll ask him later because we were already on the boat and I could see the shore getting shorter and shorter.


Chapter 2-(story will continue once we reach 10 likes)

© Copyright 2019 Cameron S.. All rights reserved.

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