Stranded on my planet

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A book about dragons and riddles while also an adventure.

Submitted: April 30, 2018

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Submitted: April 30, 2018



Stranded On My Planet:

A Short Story

By:Cameron Schuster

Dear Reader,this short story will skip many sequences. But what this story really is about is how did the ending happen. There is a puzzle to this story that only 67% of people would understand. The prologue your about to read will be your first puzzle piece,but the whole story is mixed up once you get to the ending, try not to get puzzled. That's all you're going to need to know for now. So get ready for many dangers...

Herman saw it with his own eyes. A blazing fire through the sky. It wasn’t an ordinary fiery orange. It had a tint of blue to it, with a glossy silver.

“Run, Run, RUN!!!” that's all I could hear from Jasper yelling. I saw the cyboric freak in front of my face. I’m not good with my dragon speech, but I'm pretty sure it was cursing under its breath.Then Jasper sheathed his katana 6 yelling “Get off this planet you beast!” His arm was then stuck between the cold blooded monster’s teeth. The pain was unbearable. It took him all he had to not scream in agony.


Five months ago…

Herman woke up with joy! Chocolate chip pancakes saturday, it just rolled off his tongue. He ran down stairs just to find...his parents waiting. Their eyes looked so smug, their mouths an arch. Herman thought somebody died in the family, but then again,why are they mad. Then he looked at the paper in his mom’s hand. He smacked his face realizing in his mind, “My Report Card”. “I'm sorry, I had to go to my club to play pokemon with my friends but...” He was cut off by his dad when he said, “So that stupid card game pokemen… or whatever you runts call it, is more important than doing your essay?”He growled kind of like a scream. “You’re grounded for two months.” His mom said calmly. “But that’s when the season finale of Return Of Gravity Falls!” Herman said with a roar. “Go play with your stupid friend Jasper and leave our house for good.”


Three weeks later


This wasn’t good, this wasn’t how his life was supposed to be. At least he got away from his abusive father and his weak mother. He could go beg for food and work for money. I mean, he found a homeless guy once who asked for a cheeseburger, now he calls Herman “cheeseburger man.” Herman thought he could start a new life. He could start by saving up for a house. Naw, that’ll never happen, not in a million years. That's when I saw the TV screen at the electronic store, and that’s the day everything changed.


“Scientist have found a specialty in the ground, a reptile with wings” said the bushy haired guy.“This is one big discovery, this creature told in legends called a “dragon” is real. We are planning to revitalise the creature with it’s leftover bones and then if the project doesn’t go as planned,we could use it’s body to build it out of cyboric parts.”said the Justin Bieber looking guy. The bushy haired guy then said, “We didn’t plan to do this but, the military wanted better defenses.But there are some bad news,they broke out…”


Then I thought, this is why I don’t like science, there’s always a bad ending. Im 2 miles from Jasper’s house, I could tell him the news and he could help me out. I could also go to Emily’s but she would probably not believe me. I guess I have to face my fears and go back to my house.


My father swore like he never had. For the first time in my life, I felt like I forgave him for all the times that he punched me when really I didn’t. I told my parents what they said on the news and that we should leave.They said the hospital was the best place to hide. Otherwise you would forget where you were.


“Are you serious” asked Jasper while grabbing his katana. “Yeah dude, im pretty sure I witnessed it, well at least from rumors.” I said. “Can I least watch Logan Paul’s latest video before we leave?” moaned Jasper. “No, because your parents already agreed and they watched too much walking dead so they know what there doing.”I said quietly. “For some reason I feel that we were never friends.” “What are you talking about,you sound like you're from another world!” Jasper yelled. “I just feel like we were never there.” I whimpered


Both of our families walked down the street, slower than normal. Anything out of place could be a danger. We could just go on with our lives and just face our doom but that’s just dumb. That’s when Jasper’s sister ran into the field and started crying. Then a dragon dropped down and ate her whole.

Jasper yelled and he went to slay the reptile and said “Get off this planet you beast!” He had his hand stuck between the teeth. I had to save him somehow,without killing him.


I punched the beast in the eye and it looked like it had a concussion. But just when it looked like it was going to eat me, I woke up in a hospital bed. I didn’t understand what happened then I saw my mom come in with a cigar. She hugged me and I didn’t know what was happening. She told me I was in a coma the whole time. I didn’t believe her and she continued. While I was in the coma, my dad had died and everything that happened was in my mind. “Where’s Jasper?” “He’s in jail for life for abusing you.”my mom said. So everything I know was a lie.



© Copyright 2019 Cameron S.. All rights reserved.

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