Dont cry for me

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A little poem about loosing someone and the grief that you feel

Submitted: April 30, 2018

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Submitted: April 30, 2018





Don't cry for me. I will be ok.

Don’t cry for me. Please do not weep.

Don’t cry for me. My body may not be there. Its chosen to sleep.

Don’t cry for me. An Angel whispered take my hand.

Don’t cry for me. The memories you keep are all stored away for a different day

Don’t cry for me. The days without you are lonely, the nights without you are cold

Don’t cry for me. never will I forget the times we talked.

Don’t cry for me. 'll never forget the secrets that we shared.

Don’t cry for me. I keep them in my heart, they're locked forever.

Can't understand why things happen the way they do,
I keep looking for answers all day through. I’ve searched and searched

But come up blank no one can answer me why you left me all alone

I search for answers but come up blank. Every day is so blank so empty

So many things we never got to do.

Every night I look up to the stars to find the answer why you were taken

In heaven I pray you will wait for me by the golden gates please wait for me

I feel lost and empty now Every day I ask the same thing please wait for me.

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