My Enlightening Career as a CEO

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A short story of corporate existence.

Submitted: April 30, 2018

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Submitted: April 30, 2018



As you know, with every tube of toothpaste, and every type of minty fresh bottle of mouth wash, bad breath aside, there is always something new to offer. A different name, a better label excites the masses who are never clean enough. And man, do they need a washing. We are NOT a machine, we are corporate, like a blood cell always selling.

Like them, I live in the space where more is better while churning away in a primal directive. The truth is, more is effective, and we make it brighter and the sharpest possible just for YOU.

The name brand which brands you is far superior, especially, while taking for granted that it is. The price and the flash has you taking it, when the bla, bla, bland name is ours as well. Same product, different sell.

You gaze upon what we have wrought, asile after asile within the department store. A place I will never be, while I stay where I am always asking for more. More towers and courses for golf, an in the mean time I'll pander behind my desk, dreaming of the brainless bying what is mostly useless.

With fifty types of hair color, and sixty types of shampoo, there to be had, always remember 'consumer' it's not bad, and I am much better than you.

And in my down time, I will sell you rings and other pointless things through a network connected to religion. For always remember, money buys happiness, and these golden places are saving spaces for when I might meet my end.

But until then, my exciting and perfect career will provide all I need, and proof of my sucess is 'god endorsed.' So take a tip from someone sucessful and hip and join the corporate course. That is... if you can.

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