Me or the Wife

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This poem is dedicated to someone i know who had this problem to be with is wife or is lover who as is baby

Submitted: April 30, 2018

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Submitted: April 30, 2018



Me or the Wife


Every time you go I miss you it hurts every day

Could you not stay a while longer please?

When you are away from me I feel so incomplete

Am only half a person when you are not by my side and

I would still prefer you staying home and not leaving me behind

Because The days pass very slowly when you are not here

I hate being in this house without my man my love

I am sure I will go mad really mad I hate it

Come back home to me so we can have some fun

So please come home soon because I am so sad

Please tell your wife, you have another lover,

Its been going on for quite a while you should tell

her you have a son, what are you chicken,

I gave you my heart many years ago, so come on

Let the world know how much you mean to me

Tell your wife your living with me.

If she starts and wants a fight to tell the cow to come on round

And I will flatten her with one quick swipe.

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