Another day in the life of me

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Like I said yesterday my goal is to gain more reads and hopefully fans, I know I'm not one of the persons who write crazy long books about really good stories. but in my opinion my life is a movie
and a really horrible book that most teenagers can relate to. I hope you like this short story of how ONE single day went in the story of my life.

Submitted: April 30, 2018

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Submitted: April 30, 2018



APRIL 30 2018.

Another day in the life of me, horrible, amazing, and quite exciting for most people. 

I dont really understand why people cry over movies till this day. I finally watchs the Avengers infinity war and when tom holland died, i died too. Im currently with my best friend right now but she doesnt even have a clue what im doing. Shes sitting on the floor watching some videos of the people she doesnt follow only because shes too nervous too. 

After school, my boyfriend ( or whatever we are ) came up to me and started to talk to me. He doesnt seem to understand that my dad is legit right there and im not aloud to be next to boys period. When he came to kiss me goodbye i completely freaked out and ran down because i was too afraid my dad will see. Middle school relationships are pretty lame in general, and thats coming from a middle schooler. 

I never understood why i started writing in Booksie, i thought it was a interesting way to write about my life so why the heck not, if you know what i mean. I thought that absolutely no one would read these things, but i ended up getting 25 views in one night. 

When i was watching the avengers today, i saw these really hot guys sitting next to my best friend. I got mad at her because i wanted to sit there before they came. Even though there like 25 and im like 13 doesnt mean i cant flirt right?

One was blonde, and the other was brunnette. They were both white skin colored and they had good muscles. Throughout the movie while my best friend was sitting next to too hot guys, i was sitting next to a annoying 4 year old boy screaming at me to shut up while i was crying. It was a amazing expierience. 

Im really having a hard time because as most of you guys know, i have a boyfriend. But of course my boyfriend has a best friend, and that best friend is extremely hot. im not even joking. Most of you now will probably think that im a whore or a slut, but im a nerd compared to my school. 

Im not going to describe my boyfriend best friend, but i can tell you he has big feet and big hands, and most of the girls know what that means right?

My boyfriend is now being really pervy because he is currently discussing sexual things. LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! were are in freaking middle school. And for his information i would NEVER do it with him! Like i love him and all ( not even that much ) but hes not the CUTEST in the world. I can only attract guys that are ugly and pervy. Hes always asking me for pics or to freaking flash him. And when i got back from the avengers and checked my phone... he freaking told me his size. 

IS THAT OK!?!?! like i know boys can get pervy, but now hes really starting to get on my nerves and really freaking me out. 

YES IK, again with the avengers. When i was sitting next to my best friend in the movies, there were these two perves infront of us who were looking at our butts. They could here everything we said and everything they said. If you any of you dont know i am IN FREAKING LOVE WITH CAPTAIN AMERICA! You guys wouldnt believe it. So like any other fan girl, when he appeared in the movie i screamed my lungs out. And they both looked back at me like WTF. 

So i think that will be the end of the story time. 

Seriously, if any of you guys want any story times about my life, comment down below because even though im a middle schooler i have been through hard and amazing times every single day. 

Welp i think thats it for today!

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