Forever Yours

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Ten years ago at another party, I turned to a friend for comfort and instead I found everything I had ever been looking for my whole life. And you know what, I will always hold onto you so tight
because I know something this amazing doesn't happen twice?

Introducing Chandler Bing as Keith Menezes who had a rough childhood, seeing his Father sick since the time he turned one, he started using sarcasm as a defense mechanism.

Introducing Monica Gellar as Anna Pereira a complicated person in life. She gets her energy from interacting with her 'limited' friends because she doesn't like to be on her own. She cares about
trends and her appearance in the minds of others, which leads her to be constantly aware of her surroundings. . . . . Jump into the story and see how these two souls fell in love. There will come a
time when they gotta work it out 'Cause love don't come easy'

Join Keith and Anna on their journey to love or will they find someone else?

Will they end together like Mondler?

Will they be separated and never be back?

Considering all the above questions, the main question is - What gets them back together?

So dear friends welcome to the start of this short story. Stay tuned. Don't forget to hit a star and comment below cause every vote counts and every comment motivates and yeah do share..

Love love Anna

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Submitted: April 30, 2018

And its the beginning....
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