Mad Mike: Dead Man's Curve

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Mike must survive the deadliest turn in the deadliest race track in the Deadlands.

Submitted: April 30, 2018

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Submitted: April 30, 2018



A lone figure stood on an overpass, taking a leak, while overlooking the lightly congested four-lane highway below with a modified, black, DeLorean behind him when there was a sound of motorcycles and vehicles approaching and someone hooted with joy.  They came from below and the figure saw a short bus being chased by two bikers and a car with twin V8’s heading away.  The bus driver looked terrified as he swerved to block the bikers with hockey masks and black body armor.  They fired machine pistols and hit the back and sides of the bus, shattering some of the windows and a couple of women screamed.  A couple of men appeared from the inside and fired a bow and rifle but missed the bikers completely as the bikers hooted and laughed.  Behind them all, the DeLorean appeared from the turnpike and Mike loaded and cocked his shotgun before rolling down both side windows and he flipped a switch on the dashboard and a police siren went off.  He floored it and hit the rear of the muscle car, causing it to swerve as Mike hit it one more time and approached from the left and the muscle car hit him on the side and as the masked biker cop, look alike, tried to pull out a gun.  Mike hit the muscle car’s side as well, twice and hard and was hit back but Mike hit back harder, causing scrapes and pieces of metal to fly and as the driver looked at Mike, he raised his right arm and shot a knife that hit the driver’s face and slumped over.  


In one hard hit, Mike sent the muscle car smashing through a trailer and then spun and flipped along the shoulder till it rested upside down.  The biker’s looked back and the DeLorean approached fast, with the alarm blaring, and rammed one of the bikers and ran him over, causing a blood splatter on the front hood.  The other biker approached the left side of the bus but Mike sped up and came alongside, running over some road debris.  The biker pulled out a crossbow but the DeLorean pinned him to the bus and he screamed in agony as his legs were crushed and Mike pulled out his shotgun and fired, causing the biker’s mid-section to explode and cover the side of the bus in blood before pulling away and both the bike and the remains of the biker were ran over by both vehicles.  Mike turned off the siren before the bus pulled over and he stopped in front of it.  A tall man with a single barreled rifle stepped out of the bus while Mike stepped out calmly with his shotgun holstered and the tall man asked, “Who are you?” Mike answered, “Concerned citizen.  Do you have fuel or water to sp...” Suddenly he felt a sharp pain on the back of his head and his vision suddenly went black.


The blackness ended when Mike heard the sound of someone hitting the side of his car and when he looked up he saw a black hockey padded person standing outside of his driver side door and through his wired mask the man in the pads spoke aloud, “Wake up piggy!” The man walked away and a shorter version of the black padded man ran by Mike and made a pig snorting sound while looking at Mike and laughed as he followed the taller man.  Mike’s ears are filled with the multiple and various engine sounds as people revved up their engines and all (including Mike’s DeLorean) facing in one direction, people cheering and hooting and the speakers in the four lane wide race track blaring Jan & Dean, “I was cruisin’ in my Stingray late one night, when an XKE pulled up on the right. He rolled down the window of his shiny new Jag...” Someone yelled to Mike’s left, “HEY PIG!” Mike looked and rolled down the window to see (ironically) a red haired punk behind the wheel of a Stingray and he yelled to Mike, “I’m going to cram you!” And he and the female passenger next to him laughed at Mike as Mike looked away. Jan & Dean, “And challenged me then and there to a drag.  I said, “You’re on buddy--my mill’s running fine.  Let’s come off the line now at Sunset and Vine, but I’ll go you one better, if you’ve got the nerve.  Let’s race all the way--to Dead Man’s Curve” The crowd went wild and many people in the stands held up signs that read, “DIE AT THE CURVE!”, “DEAD MAN’S CURVE!”, “SPILL BLOOD!”, “BRING ON THE WRECKS!” “DIE TO THE LAST DRIVER!”, etc.  Mike looked inside his car and saw both his shotgun and .44 are still loaded and he still has his hatchet, combat knife and “Punk Killer”.  Jan & Dean, “ no place to play, (Dead Man’s Curve) you’d best keep away, (Dead Man’s Curve) I can hear’em say...” The crowd in the stands yelled/screamed, “WON’T COME BACK FROM DEAD MAN’S CURVE!”” And the crowd cheered, even as the song faded and an announcer came over the speaker’s and bellowed, “DEADLANDERS, WELCOME TO THE DEATHWAY!” The crowd cheered as the announcer continued, “We have 50 racers ready to go!  Out of these fifty only one will achieve the ultimate prize!  And the prize is?” The crowd screamed/yelled, “LIVE AND IMMORTALIZED!” The announcer asked aloud, “Say again?” The crowd repeated, “LIVE AND IMMORTALIZED!” The announcer announced, “That’s right!  The sole winner will be the only one left alive and their vehicle still running!  Plus their name will be carved on the Long Standing Trophy like all the other winners!  They will also have a reputation of surviving the Dead Man’s Curve!” The crowd cheered and the announcer continued his speech, “A 75 degree incline turn that holds the magnificent record of claiming 2/3’s of the racers at this very track!” Mike looked at his dashboard and around the inside of his car and noticed nothing is tampered with, including the outside as he looked out the side mirrors and over the windshield, before he turned his attention to his sawed-off shotgun and .44 and loaded both of them with ammo till the announcer pulled back his attention as he called out, “For those that think they have second thoughts!” Mike looked and saw at places where stadium lights should be on a “normal” race track were replaced with .50 caliber machine guns attached to gatling guns and the announcer laughed before he called out, “Those fifties you see above can turn a tank into Swiss cheese with their high end armor piercing rounds!” Mike looked around the track till finally he saw the announcer’s box to the top center of the stands to his left and Mike guessed that the glass is bullet proof, due to the multiple and various marks on the glass and what appears to be spots where someone tried to shoot at the announcer and the announcer yelled on the speakers, “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!  ITS TIME TO SPILL BLOOD!” The crowd screamed and there is loud rumbling noise as the scavengers, bandits and various other people in the stands stomped their feet in the stands, awaiting for the race to begin.


From diesel to V8’s, the engines roared as the drivers kept their foots on the brakes while revving up their engines as the two street lights, hanging right above the start/finish line, showed red lights and the loudspeakers continued playing where it left off except when it started the first lyrics were warped, “The streez werrr desser lae Friay nigh” And some of the crowd began to boo, even as the lights above the track changed from red to yellow, and a driver in a black ‘98 Ford Explorer bumped the rear of Mike’s black DeLorean and Mike tightened his gloved hands on the wheel before he is able to control himself and put on his helmet and Ray Bands to conceal his face and the crowd resumed their cheer as Jan & Dean sang, “We were bugging’ each other while we sat out the light.  We both popped the clutch when the light turned green.” The lights suddenly turned green and the crowds cheers were overcame by the sounds of fifty cars, trucks and motorcycles roaring their engines and racing forward when at the same time, Mike pulled the red button and the V8 roared/whined to life and the DeLorean raced with the rest of the pack as Jan & Dean continued to sing, “You shoulda heard the whine from my screamin’ machine!” 


A beat up pickup truck started racing ahead of everyone else and the driver, wearing animal skin and a skull of a gorilla as a helmet howled and yelled to his partner, “WE’RE RUNNING AHEAD OF THE PACK MAN!” And his partner fist bumped him on the right shoulder and chuckled till his happy face (beneath his own gorilla skull helmet) looked surprised as he looked at his side mirror and tugged at his driving partner’s shoulder and his partner yelled back, “WHAT?” His partner pointed at his side mirror and the driver looked at his own and saw Mike wearing reflected sunglasses as he raced up and slammed the back of the truck as the bandits screamed and the truck swerved out of control till it slammed into the back of a hot rod, smashed it and flipped forward into the air.  The drummers on a 10-wheeler did not see, as they drummed, when the truck flew and landed right on top of them as one of the wheels kept spinning and shredded the face of a screaming drummer.  The 10-wheeler swerved as the driver lost control and the truck turned hard left as the remaining living drummers yelled/screamed as they thrashed about (trying to escape futile) and rolled violently as it threw debris and body parts everywhere.  Mike pulled back the gear shift and floored it as he sped faster and a biker, with a cab, appeared in front and Mike charged and rammed it, causing the bike and bandits to flip over to the left and over Mike’s car before hitting the ground and sending a shower of debris into the air.


The road curved right and the pavement of the track turned into a dirt track and when the vehicles raced through with dirt flying in the air, almost fogging the track with a muddy brown cloud of dirt.  The crowds cheered and a pit opened up ahead of the DeLorean with spikes below and Mike swung the car to the right and around, just avoiding the trap.  A hot rod, with spears behind it, drove straight into the trap, hitting the trap door first before falling in and the trap closed shut as the dying bandits screamed.  A motorcycle gang surrounded Mike’s car and they hooted and yelped as they pulled out their hatchets.  Mike slammed on the brakes and spun the car clockwise as he pulled out his sawed off shotgun and fired both barrels out the driver side window, blasting a biker in the chest and face and flew back off his bike as the DeLorean smashed the bikes surrounding the car with the drivers and rollerbladers (people in hockey pads suffering behind the bikes and held metal balls) flying across the top or hood of the car, screaming, and fell hard onto the dirt road and crushed by the various surrounding vehicles.  The DeLorean faced back forward and sped faster as Mike stared out intently.  


Mad Mike rammed the back right corner of a buggy car as he sped by and it slammed into the side of another as the driver screamed and flew his hands to his face as he, and his passenger, were instantly crushed by another buggy car in front of them that has a steel barrier protecting its back.  Mike drove up next to a black V8 Mustang with a bone made rammer and slammed into the right side of it three times before Mike cocked his shotgun.  The driver then pointed a small crossbow at him and fired as the arrow flew, just missing Mike’s face and hit the inside panel of the passenger door.  The driver started reloading and Mike put down the shotgun and slammed on the brakes till he was behind the V8 Mustang.  As the V8 roared to life, Mad Mike screamed in anger as he rammed hard behind the V8 Mustang.  The driver was thrown back and lost control as he dropped the crossbow and the vehicle swerved hard left as the driver threw his arms to his face as the bandit passenger, on the motorized V8 carriage buggy, screamed when the car smashed its right side and flipped over, crushing the driver and two passengers as the smashed front end of the car flew up in the air and slammed back down.


Mad Mike slammed the back left corner of a hot rod truck, with a flamethrower turret on the back, as he sped past and the truck made a hard right and flipped till it smashed into a monster truck and they both exploded, sending flaming debris everywhere.  The burning debris bounced off vehicles and a large tire, from the monster truck, flew right a a biker, as he just saw it the last second, before he was knocked right off his bike.  The crowd cheered, as they witnessed the explosion, with the speakers still echoed Jan & Dean’s song and began replying over the loudspeakers.  The DeLorean and the other racers approached another turn and the road changed from a dirt to rocks with a rock wall as a barrier, separating the track from the stands and the outside, and as the racers raced along the rocks, the tires from the vehicles created a chorus of thumping noises.  A dump truck opened its back gate and dumped a yellowish liquid onto the stone road in Mike’s path and the passenger of the dump truck leaned out his window and threw a lite torch and when it struck the liquid it caused a raging fire right in Mike’s path.  The DeLorean raced right and through the flames and just as it appeared from the flames it rammed the back of a pickup and the arrow turret gunner fell back and when he looked up from the tailgate, Mike’s shotgun was pointed directly at his face (as Mike leaned out the driver side window) and Mike pulled the trigger, discharging both barrels and the arrow gunner’s head exploded like a watermelon.  Mike shifted gears and floored it, forcing the pickup to hit the back of a humvee.  The back gate of the humvee opened up and a bandit appeared with a rocket launcher, aiming it directly at Mike.  Mike slammed on the brakes as the driver of the pickup screamed at the bandit with the rocket launcher, “NO, WAIT!” But the bandit fired the rocket launcher anyway and the front of the pickup exploded and flipped backwards, just missing the DeLorean, and the driver and passenger of a war rig (right behind Mike) container truck looked shocked as the blown pickup hurtled towards them and were crushed as the cab was smashed.  The cab suddenly stopped, forcing the container part of the war rig to flip forward, causing the bandits on top to fly in the air and scream.  As it came down, Mike spun the wheel (still pressing the brakes) and the DeLorean spun counterclockwise as the war rig slammed to the ground upside down.  Mad Mike immediately straightened out and engaged the V8 as it roared and Mike floored it, making a burning rubber noise.  


The DeLorean and the other vehicles began to approach another turn and the track will turn back to pavement when Mike saw planted mines at the edge of the turnover and Mike made a hard left as the mines exploded to the right and the chain reaction came close, alongside his car.  The others behind and around Mike turned as well but a large pickup blew from a mine, flipped in the air and fell left and on top of a war rigged bus as the gunners screamed (as the truck fell) and crushed them in the center, forcing the bus to stop.  The crowd booed and the turrets on top of the stands focused on the bus (as the remaining living bandits on the bus stumbled/ran out of the wreck vehicle) and fired a barrage of .50 caliber bullets that shredded the bus and screaming bandits to metal and bloody chunked pieces till all the people, associated with the bus, are all lifeless corpses and the bus looked like a large metal version of Swiss cheese.  A couple of bikers were incinerated and a pickup arrow turret and a ‘98 V8 Ford Mustang were blown by the mines and the crowds cheered and a crazed middle aged woman yelled, “More blood!  More blood!” And the crowd surrounding the woman chanted what she said.


The black DeLorean raced past a flame painted white ‘68 Dodge Challenger and a pair of motorcycles as Jan & Dean bellowed from the loudspeakers, “I flew past La Brea, Schwab’s and Crescent Heights.  And all the Jag could see were my six taillights.” One of the bikers noticed Mike’s DeLorean, pulled out a machine pistol and fired a burst at the driver side of Mike’s car.  The bullets bounced off harmlessly and Mike looked out his plexiglass driver side window and noticed the biker is trying to reload his gun.  Mike swerved to the left, just a little, as the biker is distracted and by the time he noticed, he just had enough time to give out a short cry as his bike is knocked off balance and both him and his bike were crushed beneath the left rear tire of the DeLorean.  The other biker approached from the right and pulled out his machine pistol, but just before he fired, Mike jerked the DeLorean to the right, hit the biker and pinned the biker against the left passenger side door of the Dodge Challenger as the biker drowned out screams of agony as both of his legs are pinned between both cars and the biker dropped/lost his machine pistol in the impact.  The driver of the Challenger pulled out a large pistol and tried to take aim but the biker, failing about as he tried to brake or pry open Mike’s passenger side window without success, kept blocking his aim.  When Mike noticed the driver of the Challenger is trying to take aim, Mike shoved his car hard to the right, forcing the Challenger to the right and the driver of the Challenger shoved back to the left (all the while the pinned biker’s body swung to the left and right like a toy doll).  In one hard shove, Mike yanked the wheel to the right and immediately pulled to the left, sending the Challenger swerving out of its lane to the next one on the right and the DeLorean pulled away, letting go of the biker, but as a result (due to the biker’s crushed legs) the biker and his bike fell and were both crushed/run over by the tires of the Challenger.  The driver of the Challenger was about to swerve hard at Mike till he looked up and the last thing he saw is the back end of a 10 wheeler before the entire front end of the Dodge Challenger was crushed/incinerated and the entire engine block smashed through the dashboard and steering wheel and crushed the bottom half of the driver as his vision suddenly went black.


Mike watched as the front end of the Challenger was crushed/incinerated and the rest of it cartwheeled forward in the air before slamming into the back side of the cabin of the 10 wheeler and came to rest right behind it (where a container or a trailer that the truck can pull can hook up to) as Jan & Dean sang over the sound of smashed metal, “He passed me at Doheny then I started to swerve...” And Mike looked ahead to see a very sharp turn approaching rapidly.  The announcer’s voice interrupted Jan & Dean and bellowed over the loudspeakers and over the sounds of both the cheering crowds and the roaring noises of the engines of the cars on the track, “DEAD MAN’S CURVE COMING UP!  Who will survive the curve!” Jan & Dean came back over the loudspeakers, “But I pulled her out and there we were - at Dead Man’s Curve!” And the crowd cheered as Mike pulled the ammo of both his shotgun and .44, that were lying on the passenger seat, close to him on the passenger seat and pulled out “Punk Killer” from its cradle on the center console and lodged it between his seat and the floor beneath him and shoved the left side of his body up against his door and when he and all the other drivers began their turn on the 75 degree embankment of the Dead Man’s Curve, all hell broke loose.


The vehicles reached Dead Man’s Curve and the embankment is so steep that Mike used his left hand and grabbed the handlebar over his door to keep from sliding off his seat as he slowed a little to keep the DeLorean from flying sliding up into the embankment wall while some drivers from other vehicles were not so bright.  Two dune buggy’s raced past Mike (along with about half a dozen motorcycles) and the buggy’s quickly lost control and their back ends swerved hard to the left as the screaming of the drivers is cancelled out over the roaring engine noises and tires squealing from the other vehicles as their dune buggy’s exploded into twisted metal as they collided into the cement wall.  Two of the bikers lost control and slammed against the embankment wall, creating a muffled pooping sound as their bodies smacked the wall and crushed their left legs before their corpses and their bikes dropped onto the track and began to slide down (even as their bodies were run over by the rest of the racing vehicles) to the bottom of the track.  The other bikers lost control but let go of their bikes and fell onto the track, either sliding on their sides or backs or rolled on the track (while covering their face masks) to prevent from sustaining serious injuries and surviving that is futile as the bikers were run over or crushed beneath the tires of the cars, trucks and other heavy vehicles racing from behind them, except one biker stopped rolling and had enough time to get up just before he was clipped.  When the biker was clipped he spun almost 360 when a dune buggy raced up, struck the screaming biker’s legs as the biker rolled/flew over the front hood and cracked (almost smashing) the windshield as his body flew over them and into the air.  Mike watched as the biker was struck by the dune buggy and the screaming biker flew and looked down at Mike to show his shock and painful expression as one of his hands that is not wearing a glove (as he somehow lost it between the time he was clipped to when the dune buggy struck him) waved at him covered in blood as the biker flew over Mike and Mike continued watching him from his side mirror as the biker flew and struck the windshield of a 10 wheeler, causing the biker’s body to exploded into bloody pieces.  When the biker struck the 10 wheeler’s windshield, the windshield cracked so severely that it looked like it was about to shatter as the biker’s body exploded into pieces, covering the windshield with the biker’s bloody intestines, and what’s left of his stomach, heart and lungs, leaving the rest of the windshield covered in blood and the biker’s lifeless limbs fell off to the side and onto the road.  The punk female passenger screamed from the bloody impact while the heavy set trucker yelped and he accidentally lost control and as the 10 wheeler fell over to the right, the dune buggy (that was racing along the right side of the truck) driver just had enough time to look up and see the right side of the 10 wheeler coming right at him and the punk passenger’s face and hands pressed against the passenger side window as he raised his left hand (as if he could stop the 10 wheeler from falling onto him) and his vision suddenly went black as the dune buggy was crushed beneath the full weight of the 10 wheeler.  


The dune buggy (that is ahead of Mike and struck the doom biker) spun out of control and Mike heard the sound of a collapsing front axle and the buggy somehow ended up flying into the air and flew over Mike (revealing the bottom of the dune buggy and the torn front axle down to Mike) before it came back down and bounced hard onto the pavement and the grassy bottom of the embankment like it was a basketball.  Both right side tires of the DeLorean squealed in protest as the majority of the weight of the car fell on them and the left side tires are barely racing along the pavement and Mike grunted as he forced his body to push down onto the left side of his seat and the driver side door to keep his car from tilting.  Mike watched as the left side tires of a Chevy Bronco, ahead of him, left the pavement and the truck tilted to the right and rolled off the track and tumbled multiple times, sending parts of the vehicle flying into the air and the driver smashed halfway through the windshield and his exposed upper body was yanked about and crushed beneath the truck as it tumbled till it came to a stop upside down with blood spreading out from under where the driver was.  A dirty brown 1970 Plymouth Barracuda raced right by Mike before it swerved left and slammed hard into the barrier, sending the driver’s head smashing through her side window and her red matted haired head is ripped out (like a toy barbie doll) by one of the barrier cables.  A ‘65 red Ford Mustang shot past Mike on the left and Mike watched as the football padded driver laughed at him.  When the driver looked back forward the back end of a 2011 dirty grey Hyundai Accent rushed at him and the back end of the Hyundai is completely destroyed as the front of the Mustang was crushed and the driver flew right through the windshield (as he screamed) and struck the back of the driver seat of the Hyundai so hard that it broke the back end of the seat and the driver smashed/broke his nose on the steering wheel.  At that moment the driver of the Hyundai lost control of his vehicle as the Hyundai spun right off the track and tumbled onto the dead grass while the Mustang is dislodged from the back end and tumbled on the track in front of Mike as the DeLorean rapidly approached it with a modified, black 2007 Chevy Beat riding up his tail.  


Mike slammed on the accelerator and the DeLorean raced towards the tumbling Ford Mustang and reached right up to it when the Mustang suddenly flew right over the DeLorean (spinning in the air with debris flying about or away from it) and came crashing down just as the DeLorean cleared it and smashed the front end of the 2007 Chevy Beat (that continued to follow close behind Mike’s rear bumper).  Right on impact, the Chevy Beat flipped forward and slammed upside down so hard that the driver is instantly crushed down to his knees and a war rig obliterated the rest of the car and part of the cab of the war rig and the 18 wheeler suddenly fell to its right side and caused multiple vehicles crashing into its underbelly when suddenly the war rig turned into a massive bomb as it exploded.  Most of the spectators in the stands instinctively covered their ears from the deafening explosion and watched as multiple vehicles (mainly cars) either drove straight into the flames and were either consumed or reappeared on the other side to be turned into fireballs on wheels or swerved away and wrecked anyone that was racing alongside them.  Mike swerved and the DeLorean almost tipped over as a dark 2018 Honda Civic swerved out of control down into Mike’s path and just missed his left rear bumper as the Civic hit the bottom of the turn and flipped onto the dead grass just as Mike finished the turn and exited the Dead Man’s Curve.


Just as Mike exited the turn the announcer called out, “WHAT A SPECTACULAR WRECK!  AND MAD MIKE TAKES THE LEAD!” The crowd cheers as Mike glances up to the announcer box as the announcer continued, “Will he survive the second roundabout?” There was a mixture of yays and nays from the screaming crowd as Mike glared up at the smiling announcer before he turned his attention back on the track when he noticed, to his right, there is a stage for the winning vehicle to park on with a ramp connected to it.  Mike looked ahead as he speculated and then looked back at the stage and then at the announcer box and an idea came to his head.  At that moment an armored car, with a rammer at its front bumper, hit the rear of Mike’s car, jolting Mike forward and backward as the armored car rammed him twice and the announcer called out, “Oh oh!  Looks like Mike got some competition!” The armored car remained close at his tail, even as they made the first turn and the cloud of dirt and dust obscured Mike’s view and Mike raced on undisturbed (even as he continually looked through his side mirrors wondering if the car is still directly behind him) when the dirt cleared and made the next turn when the armored car slammed the left side of Mike’s car (almost popping out Mike’s side window).  The DeLorean shook from the impact and the bumpy road and the DeLorean is about to swerve till Mike quickly regained control and watched as the armored car raced ahead of him.  His attention is brought back to his dashboard as one of the lights on the dashboard went on and off repeatedly and displayed the back exhaust vents to indicate that they are disconnected from the main engine.  Without the vents connected, Mike would not be able to pull the red button and his DeLorean would not accelerate past 180 mph in order to catch up and stay away from the savages racing behind him.


Mike made the next turn and the bumpy road suddenly stopped, allowing Mike to set the autopilot, rolled down his side window (as he undid his safety belt), climbed through the window and onto the back of his DeLorean (ignoring the road beneath him by a couple of feet, with nothing but air separating him from a violent end) all the while the spectators looked on in awe and some of the drivers, and their passengers, looked at Mike as if he’s crazy when one of them yelped, “What the hell does he think he’s doing?” Mike faced his back to ever closing vehicles behind as he kneeled and grabbed the loose hose and connected it back to its socket.  The DeLorean suddenly jolted, as the armored car slowed down and hit the front bumper of Mike’s car, and Mike is thrown off balance and fell along the right side of his car and quickly grabbed hold of something that stopped him from falling and his boots scrapped the pavement below him.  Mike looked over his right shoulder (as he still clinger on for dear life) and saw the winner’s stage rapidly approaching to his right while the driver and his passenger in the armored car laughed, as they watched Mike struggle to keep from falling.  Mike pulled himself up and laid on top of where he was (before he fell) and decided to perform a stunt that will both get rid of the armored car and get back inside the DeLorean on time, but, it is both really dangerous and stupid and when he performed it, it shocked both the crowd and announcer and the drivers and passengers in both the armored car and the vehicles behind Mike.


Mike grabbed hold to a handlebar and threw his body into the air and over the side of the DeLorean before he let go and letting gravity and the air take control of him.  He came about high over the front hood and windshield as he fell and reached out his left hand (as far as he could reach to the point where he could have accidentally dislocated his shoulder) and grabbed hold of the window frame of his driver side door just in time as his boots struck the rushing pavement and his feet began bouncing/scrapping along the pavement.  Mike ignored the pain as his shoulder is dislocated by the yank and immediately pulled himself through the open driver side window and quickly sat and strapped himself in before disengaging the autopilot.  The driver and passenger of the armored car still looked on (as they looked back and out through their open windows) and the driver said to himself, “He is truly mad.” Till they noticed Mike strapped himself in and both the driver and passenger looked back ahead and started rolling up their windows till it was too late to see a large pothole (created by one of the late and last exploded mines from the last lap) that rushed before them and the left front wheel struck the hole and the force of the hole (holding the wheel) ripped the left wheel and axle clean off and the armored car flipped and both the driver and passenger just had enough time to scream before their skulls and upper bodies were crushed/ripped apart by the impact and the pavement as the flipped armored car still continued to move and spun clockwise.  Mike watched the flipped armored car and its spinning forward momentum till he timed it, planted his foot down on the gas pedal and the DeLorean rushed towards the armored car and used it as a ramp (when the flipped front end faced the DeLorean) as the DeLorean flew high into the air and came back down on all four of its wheels.  The driver of a war rig looked shocked and screamed, “OH SHIT!” And yanked the steering wheel to the left (to avoid the flipped armored car that rapidly approached him) but yanked it too far and the war rig ended up flipping over on its right side, crushed the armored car and created a violent explosion that like the last war rig that flipped over at the Dead Man’s Curve, caused a massive wreck that led many vehicles to either drive straight into the wreck/burning war rig and met their fate, wrecked other vehicles as they lost control trying to drive around (as they drove too hard) or just had enough time to get around the wreck, once the last half of the racing pack reached the massive wreck.  The crowd cheered and fired their guns in the air as the announcer yelled with excitement, “WHAT A STUNT!  MAD MIKE LIVES UP TO HIS NAME!  WHAT OTHER MADNESS CAN HE PULL AS HE....” Mike pulled the wheel hard to the right and the DeLorean’s tires squealed as it made a sharp right turn and Mike pulled back on the gear shift as the DeLorean smashed through the wooden barrier to the infield and raced towards the ramp of the winners circle.  The turret guns suddenly activated and turned to take aim at the black V8 DeLorean when Mike pulled the red button and the engine roared to life and the exhaust fans in the back shot two pillars of flames in the back as the DeLorean shot straight up the ramp, right towards the announcer box.


The announcer laughed as the DeLorean raced up the ramp and is launched (like a rocket) in the air, aiming straight towards him, and did not looked afraid as he knows the turrets all along the track will turn the black DeLorean into confetti.  When the turrets fired the bullets zipped at Mike’s DeLorean, but the DeLorean is too fast and the bullet rounds ended zipping into the rocket flames and are incinerated and the announcer went from laughing to look of both shock and horror as he notices both the turrets failing to destroy the DeLorean and Mike’s enraged expression, as he screamed, and the announcer yelled (while trying to duck away), “HOLY SH...” The DeLorean smashed through the bulletproof glass windows, smashed the announcer’s face and skull with the DeLorean’s front bumper and crushed/ran over his body as the DeLorean plowed through the announcer’s box as the gun turrets continued firing and turned the announcer’s box and part of the stands surrounding it (including the crowd) into Swiss cheese and caused the announcer’s box to explode and resulted the turrets to cease firing and hung limp in their stands.  The outside portion of the track stadium exploded and the DeLorean shot out and landed (hard) on all four of its wheels into the empty, sand covered parking lot and the DeLorean (flames extinguished from the exhaust fans) raced away from the track.  Mike kept his eyes on the road and swerved the car out of the parking lot and into the adjacent road that stretched one way, straight into the desert landscape and Mike did not look back as the cheers of the crowds died behind him as he raced further and further away into the Deadlands. 

© Copyright 2018 Michael Mulhollon. All rights reserved.

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