No More Lessons

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wrote this when i first joined booksie forgot i had it its a bit rough round the edges but its true my dad was just like this when i passed my test

Submitted: April 30, 2018

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Submitted: April 30, 2018




You’ve succeeded It’s now paid off you can be mobile it’s true, try not to crash

more buses no more taxis the nervous thoughts have gone

Now all the cash can go towards a car from your mum You have passed, you have done it

It will take time to sink in no more L plate, to show on the car.

You can drive where you want No more waiting for someone to sit by your side

You’re on your own now don’t drive fast So, let’s get your cash or that loan from a bank or better than that Ask your mum with puppy eyes for the cash but not your dad

You will get a life story “when I was your age I had a paper round, A milk round, and worked in the shop and all before school you kids.

Don’t know your born “yes, yes, dad whatever but my mum told me to do one, so I went for a loan and got some cash.

WOW my first car, now witch one shall I choose, but before you choose don’t ever take your dad.

Cause he as now turned into the master of all cars, even though he knows nothing about them I sometimes wonder if he ever passed a test, my gran drives better and faster than him and she is 89 years old.

Here we go, he is of “son, son, come look at this “ my god what a pile of shit, he was so happy he found this car, I don’t know why cause it was totally shit “look son that dint will bang out them wires can be fixed or them scratches can be rubbed out “ rubbed out rubbed out the scratch was nearly through to the interior , I just wish he would piss of and leave me alone or I am going to be going home with a car with no wheels and no engine if it was up to him.

Thank god that day had passed he had drove me mad, and when we went home he started “love I showed him 4 cars all good and sound but would he buy one know he stomped of in a mood “.

My mum just looked at me, I held my head in my hands and just shook my head, my mum started to laugh, well may be tomorrow you can both find one.

I don’t think so not a bloody chance I will be out that door with my cash before he even wakes up, he was just a night mare, anyway I did get a car without my dad.

My first car wow I was excited, I drove it home my dad was in the kitchen and sore me pull up in the drive.

“you were a bit close to that bloody wall then too fast far too fast coming in then “my god he is of already I was just waiting for the words to come out and slag the car to bits but all he said was” nice car son well done how much “£2.600 I said “how bloody much you were robbed. he knew you was coming a mile away but you know what you’re doing I think, and its your money just be careful out there son please be careful “ I just smiled and I watched my mums in the kitchen she was laughing she new what my dad was like when it came to cars I think in a way he was upset I did not take him to buy it but it was my first car and I was so proud not only that but I was free as free as the wind,

But he had to have the last word he came up to me “don’t become a bloody boy racer with the big tubes coming out the back too noisy and all the shiny bling, bling, all over it don’t “like I said he had the last words like he always does.

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