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Submitted: April 30, 2018

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Submitted: April 30, 2018




That winter night in December Rohan was in his house, dinner over, he was feeling cozy in the heated bedroom. His mind was wandering again. His thoughts gradually dwelt on his unusual powers which many said was telepathic. Or was it psychic! Nobody could tell him anything about it. 

“It is really difficult to see whether my ability is safe or not… may be good…?”  Rohan was thinking with a touch of self-adulation.

The other day, he remembered, he was going to the bank with a cheque for encashment. It came from his mother. Being an old lady many times she forgot her signature. Mostly it never matched! 

That day the money was desperately needed. With a bit of uncertainty compounded by the fact that his mother had gone away to the neighboring town, he had entered the bank.

At the withdrawal counter, he handed over the bank cheque and hopefully looked at the Cashier. That gentleman, looking quite harassed; there was a long queue; just picked up the cheque and peered at the computer screen.

The man then frowned and tossed the cheque aside. He looked up at Rohan. It was clear to him that the Cashier was about to raise some objection, probably mismatching of signature.

Closing his eyes for a moment Rohan intently willed that there should be no objection.

The Cashier went on looking at him, scowling, met his eyes for a few minutes, suddenly smiled and pulling the cheque back towards him stamped his approval. The payment was done!

Rohan could sense his telepathic abilities. It was a relief to get through without any quandary.

There had been quite a few such incidents which made Rohan sanguine about his special ability.

That winter night another incident would seem to happen.

He wanted to go to bed early.

Then he heard his mobile phone ring.

From the other side, he heard a faint cough, heavy breathing and a deep thick voice. “Is that Rohan?’

“Yes,” his eyes searched for his night shirt.

“You come and meet me in the corner coffee shop after half an hour!!You can recognize me by my French beard!”  Oddly, it was a barking order from a stranger requesting to see him.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Rohan was slightly annoyed by the tone. “And why should I meet you at this time of the night?”

“If you love your life…. You should meet me alone” The line went dead.

Rohan was completely dumfounded. He couldn’t imagine the advent of this sudden threatening call.

Only he was not weak hearted. “Let’s see! Is there no law in the land….?” Thinking Rohan got ready and went out.

The coffee shop was barely twenty minutes’ walk and by the time he reached it, almost half an hour had gone.

Forcing open the glass doorway, he went in and was greeted by warm heated environment but very few customers.

He looked about, but caught no one with a French beard, shrugged and gave way to a corner empty table for two and sat down.

His sixth sense was giving faint warning that something wrong was about to occur. He closed his eyes but could not pinpoint that!

Rohan sat there for a long time. He ordered coffee, sipped it slowly, killed time, but nobody came, nothing happened. 

About one hour later, thoroughly mystified, he paid his bills and stepped out into the dark night.

Contemplating what he should do, he decided to return home. “Must be some mischief monger” he recalled. But he was also surprised that he got no hint through his psychic powers.

Then he got  call from his sister, Richa. She was sobbing and incoherent. 

He arrived at home with utmost alacrity and noticed that a police car was waiting outside. Alerted, he went in and found Richa his sister in the drawing room crying profusely.

“What is happening Richa?”  He swiftly came forward and held her hand. 

“My Twinkle has been kidnapped…” Rich said in a strangulated voice, tears dripping, “Don’t know how? Why?

She broke off and looked at him accusingly, “Where have you been? Why did you go out? If you had been here, perhaps you could have stopped them….” She again started weeping hysterically.

A lone police officer was standing taking notes in his notebook.

It was around 10.45 p.m., the darkness of the night and swirling fog was becoming overbearing. There were very few cars and people on the road.

Rohan began to understand the situation all too well.  That day there was nobody else in the house except him, his sister and her five-year-old daughter, Twinkle. His brother- in- law had gone to the next town. 

By giving him a call the kidnappers had enticed him out of the house for more than an hour, sufficient to do their crime. A clever ploy they had imagined!

His stomach turned into a tight knot, but he felt a sense of fury rising within him. “Don’t panic, Richa...” 

He made her sit on the sofa and gave her a glass of water. “I will take charge of this. You will get back Twinkle very soon.”

He couldn't bear to see her sad face. 

Turning towards the police officer, he said,  "Sir, what do you say we should do now?

The officer closed his notebook. “I will get to the station house for briefing my seniors. You must come with me now. In the meanwhile, I am setting a police guard. Please send for your relative to be near you sister”.

Soon Rohan was on his way to the Police station in their car.

Then his mobile started ringing again, an unknown number.

His sixth sense also started tingling!

He turned towards the driver and requested him to stop the police car.

Getting down, he took the call. The same heavy voice was coming through, "Your girl is with us...we want cash in small notes.... You must come tonight at 3.30 hours to the adjoining forest of the town near .......with the money, ............ If you take help of police….it will be the end....” The voice went on and seemed.

Rohan was not worried but he was deeply concentrating; the voice was sufficient for him.

Nevertheless he had to show that he was perturbed. With a choking voice he said “…. Of course, as you say…” 

The line went dead.

He got up in the police car,deep in thought. This was the ultimate trial of his abilities. Would he succeed or not?  Failure to do so would be disastrous. Somehow, he had started sweating in that cold. 

The car reached the station house.  They walked in.

Rohan sat on a bench awaiting call from the higher ups.

When suddenly there was a screech of car tyre. Slamming of doors- someone walked in.

Twinkle was there with a tall, well-built man with a French beard!

Her eyes lit up seeing him and she ran towards him. 

The other man walked towards Rohan, slowly.

With the same heavy voice, but imploring now, he said, “I have been wrong… I am a criminal... I have kidnapped this small innocent girl... So, God help me... I am giving up....surrendering! Here is your girl!!”

He knelt with closed hands. Police moved in swiftly. 

Rohan just smiled. His powers hadn't let him down!

He held Twinkle tightly.


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