Tell Her

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Would it have ended differently or maybe a start of something new?

Submitted: April 30, 2018

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Submitted: April 30, 2018





I’m listening to our favourite cassette,

Reminiscing to the time we first met,

She is forever pretty but she doesn’t know it,

Tell her she’s perfect she made my life complete.


I liked when she stayed up and called at night,

When I’m down she’s there to say it’s alright,

She’s every reason I had the strength to try,

Tell her I should’ve never said goodbye.


I liked when she tells me everything,

How she hated waking up early in the morning,

I would always choose her given any choice,

Tell her that I miss listening to her lovely voice. 


I’m staring out the window alone,

Thinking why she didn’t picked up the phone,

I’ve been feeling empty for a little while,

Tell her that I miss her pretty smile.


I remember she sent me my first love letter,

Every time she has a way to make my heart flutter,

Can we go back to the moments where we were?

Tell her I like me best when I’m with her.


All these while I thought I was doing fine,

Out of sight get her out of my mind,

But lately it’s her I’ve been thinking about,

Tell her it’s her I can’t live without.


I can’t move on it lingers even in my sleep,

Wandering to the pact we once promised to keep,

Back to the day we agreed to grow old together,

Tell her to come back please be mine forever.


I wished we had more time to see this through,

Lay back and count all the chances we threw,

I want nothing but for us to start brand new,

Tell her all that’s left for me to say was, ‘I need you.’

© Copyright 2019 Amy Furzane. All rights reserved.

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