I Just Want Your Love

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Submitted: May 01, 2018

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Submitted: May 01, 2018



I didn't want the grandiloquent Taj Mahal to live in,
A solitary hut with fortified walls would beautifully suffice.

I didn't want to drink chicory mugs of opulent cherry wine;
A glass of holistic water was all I needed to quench my thirst.

I didn't want ornate embellishments of cloth to drape my persona,
Jagged rags of jute; blended with firmly riveted buttons would work as a
wonderful substitute.

I didn't want mesmerizing rhymes sung by the matron; in order to sleep,
The monotonous cacophony of vehicular traffic would prove to be an adept

I didn't want flamboyant cars to traverse the Grey carpet of roads,
The non-polluting; multiple spiked bicycle would help me maintain
my circulation of blood.

I didn't want the silken floss of brush; to scrub the armory of my teeth,
Serrated sticks of medicinal neem; would render my palette with a ravishing
scent all sunlit day.

I didn't want swim in the luxuriously sculptured; glistening water pool,
Instead I wanted to feel the exhilaration while trespassing through choppy waves
of the saline ocean.

I didn't want to consume pasteurized milk; juxtaposed with flavored nuts,
Fresh droplets of milk oozing from the teats of mother cow; was the one indispensable for my bones.

I didn't want to be exorbitantly applauded by scores of innocuous individuals;
Benevolent  prayers; from within deep recesses of their heart would be
enough to make me ecstatic.

I didn't want artificial contrivance's to illuminate the atmosphere,
The dazzling light of sun; and enchanting beams of moon were fathomless to

I didn't want appetizing dishes of roasted almonds; with a slurry of processed
Bountiful fruits dangling from the tree; and a plethora of succulent vegetable
leaf would annihilate all indigestion.
I didn't want the luminous dial of imported watch; wound tautly against my
The varied positions of sun god and changing patterns of light would give me an
excellent idea of time.

I didn't want battalion of flowers to be laid for my reception,
An ambience bereft dust and debris; evacuated of wild thorn would be the
enough to express gratitude.

I didn't want fat bundles of currency; with you dressed in ostentatious jewelry
as my bride,
A rustically polished face; with a cluster of inexpensive flower in your hair;
would pacify my heart,
As I would outrageously cry out in public and say 'I just want your perpetual love'.

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