I Live Because

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Submitted: May 01, 2018

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Submitted: May 01, 2018



I dream, because each corner of my surreally inexplicable mind; dictates,

I write, because infinite muscles in my irascibly wandering hand; dictate,

I sleep; because boundless bones in my profoundly exhausted dreary body; dictate,

I shout, because tumultuously insatiable urges in the inner most realms of my
throat; dictate,

I gallop; because irascibly proliferating tendencies in the spongy muscle of my legs; dictate,

I smile; because gregariously amicable virtues inevitably besieging my rubicund
pair of lips; dictate,

I cry; because the overwhelmingly morbid sorrow in my eyes; dictates, I snore; because the incomprehensibly celestial corridors of invincible sleep; dictates,

I drink; because inexorably scorched and diminishing boundaries of my burnt
body; dictates,

I bathe; because incorrigibly squalid cocoons of dust on my countenance; dictates,

I wink; because irrevocably flirtatious attributes in my eyeball; dictates,

I yawn; because the indefatigably fatigued skeleton of my surrendered body; dictates,

I fight; because the cloud of intrepid belligerence engulfing my boisterous demeanor; dictates,

I fidget; because pertinently iterative fervor unrelentingly dissipating in my blood; dictates,

I study; because an irrefutably everlasting desire to be the best in the professional world; dictates,

I whistle; because insatiable tunnels of fathomless euphoria in my nerves; dictate,

I play; because the child perpetually buoyant and alive in my impeccable senses; dictates,

I lie; because inevitably salacious manipulation on the trajectory of this planet; dictates,

I breathe; because the miserably imprisoned lungs beneath my chest; dictate,

I desire; because the passionately throbbing beats of my ardently romantic heart; dictate,

And I live; because the love of my life; the love that was my energy to lead an immortal existence beyond countless new births of mine; dictates.

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