I Loved It

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Submitted: May 01, 2018

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Submitted: May 01, 2018



I loved it for its unrelentingly euphoric waves; as it culminated into a festoon of handsomely poignant froth after clashing against the jaggedly machismo rocks,

I loved it for its majestically pristine shores; the unfathomable expanse of regally sparkling oysters and shells; timelessly enamoring with their bountifully ultimate splendor,

I loved it for its enchantingly crimson tanginess; as it piquantly flamed like a fireball of enrapturing delight; as first rays of the Omnipotent aristocratically Sun; descended from crystalline blue sky,

I loved it for its protuberantly ebullient adventure; as it intrepidly philandered through every conceivable trajectory of this boundless Universe; all sweltering
day and voluptuously tingling night,

I loved it for its incessantly dancing assemblage of divine water; the timeless rhapsody that it marvelously radiated; as the wind triumphantly drifted across its spell binding contours,

I loved it for its royally ingratiating fleet of poignantly charismatic sharks; gliding like insatiably untamed streaks of silken lightening; through even the
most unprecedentedly stormy channels,

I loved it for its unsurpassably unending depth; the splendidly eclectic variety fish; enigmatically morass algae and octopus perpetually inhabiting its compassionately vivacious caverns,

I loved it for its unequivocally candid spray; the unconquerably reinvigorating essence of vibrant camaraderie that it wonderfully disseminated; across one and all of this gargantuan planet; alike,  

I loved it for its surreally resplendent periphery; the countless colors of robust optimism that it timelessly blossomed into; every unfurling instant of victorious existence,

I loved it for its spirit of unshakably unflinching loyalty; perennially flowing as the most unparalleled mass of united rudiments; even as the fiercest Sun tried to hedonistically evaporate its every trace,

I loved it for its artistically burgeoning splash; beautifully replenishing even the most treacherously sadistic of dwindling palette; with insurmountably vivid charm and prolific graciousness,  
I loved if for its invincibly symbiotic solidarity; exuberantly fulminating into a paradise of uncontrollably tangy happiness; as the ravishing carpet of clouds towered over it like a priceless prince from above,

I loved if for its innocuously uncanny cries; the fathomless civilization of blissful freshness that it unraveled into; tantalizing even the most morbid of carcasses from the heart of their graves,

I loved it for its seductively exhilarating rhythm; the exotically mesmerizing cadence of its profoundly revitalizing fabric; which profusely inundated nothing but cisterns of unfettered compassion; in every entity on this gigantic earth,

I loved if for its never ending wind of rubicund ebullience; as it indefatigably whispered the tunes of holistically gratifying existence; on every trace of mud that it blessedly kissed,

I loved it for its ingeniously celestial philosophy of tireless continuity; as its froth swirled high and handsome in the mellifluous air; even as vicious thunderbolts of demonic savagery; pelted intransigently from the graveyards of hell,

I loved it for its panoramically nubile beauty; the tinge of a freshly embellished bride magically pronounced on its emerald belly; although it was wholesomely barren without the slightest of asphyxiating clothes,

I loved it for its inexorably untamed uninhibitedness; its limitless ambition to emolliently coalesce with boundless sky; even as the horizons seemed an ephemerally obsolete cry,

I loved it for its blazingly outspoken bravery; as it supremely transcended over even the most hideously satanic of impediments  that came its way; with the astounding dexterity of an unconquerable prince,

O! Yes; I loved the sea more than I could ever love my life; as it gloriously taught me the value of priceless companionship; as it sagaciously taught me never to divide; as it timelessly taught me that love was the most quintessential elixir to heavenly survive.

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