I Loved You And Still Hated You

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I loved your eyes for they were mesmerizing and beautiful; globules of
empathy trickling down their periphery; the instant they witnessed someone in
agony and pain,
At the same time I hated them for wandering around unwittingly; trying
To explore and admire beautiful faces except mine.

I loved your hands as they were masculine and tough; caressed through the satiny ensemble of my hair; drowning me into an ocean of perpetual ecstasy,
At the same I hated them for inadvertently brushing across someone in the
crowd; entwining in a vice like grip with alien fingers; occasionally during the day in a handshake.

I loved your smile as it was delectably amicable; making me gasp in utter bewilderment,
At the same time I hated it when you flashed the same at cocktail parties; greeted every person on the door with it spreading infectiously across our facial contours.

I loved your sonorous voice; the crisp yet enchanting sounds which emanated when you opened your mouth to utter my name,
At the same time I hated it when you used the same to appease your confederates; addressed colossal gatherings; emphatically on the mike.

I loved your revitalizing aroma; the scent of perspiration that dribbled profusely from your body,
At the same time I hated it; when your overwhelming charisma crowned you the
king in the office; insatiably drifted your female counterparts in intimate contacts with your persona.

I loved your unsurpassable sense of concern; the umpteenth number of times of times you slept on the cold floor; for me to relish the warmth of the fire,
At the same time I hated it; when you displayed it to others; went out of your
way to gratify their demands.

I loved your ears; the flaccid globes of flesh dangling majestically across your neck swaying nimbly in the air,
At the same time I hated them for listening attentively to intricate sounds; instead of being wholesomely engrossed in mine.

I loved your hair; the jet black strands of follicles that profoundly embellished your scalp,
At the same time I hated them; when they blew rampantly in the direction of
wind blowing from the opposite side.
I loved your breath; the passion it ignited when It plummeted down the bare skin of my cheek,
At the same I hated it; when an infinitesimal portion of it struck the earth; instead of blending completely with my soul.

And I loved your heart; was simply enamored to hear it throb turbulently against my palms,
At the same time I hated it; as the girl next door wanted to imprison it as badly; as perhaps I could die for it.

Submitted: May 01, 2018

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