I Loved You Solely For

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Come into my life with majestic earrings embellishing your Divinely earlobes; or step into its compassionate swirl without even a single cloth on your uncontrollably trembling body,
Come into my life with flamboyantly swanky cars entrenching you from all sides; or step into its resplendent garden without even a single shoe encapsulating your profusely bleeding feet,
Come into my life with voluptuously poignant mascara enveloping your ravishing eyelashes; or step into its tantalizing aroma without even the most inconspicuous
trace of light; lingering around your nimble eyes,
Come into my life with gloriously charismatic lipstick besieging your rubicund lips; or step into its intrepid expeditions without even the tiniest trace of happiness; hovering around your ghastily devastated countenance,
Materialistic things sleazily fade into non-existent wisps of dilapidated oblivion; while I loved you solely for the irrefutably overwhelming honesty in your impeccable conscience; which relentlessly transpired me to invincibly march on the path of scintillating righteousness.

Come into my life with robotic loudspeakers incorrigibly extruding from each cranny of your tongue; or step into its redolent island without the even most diminutive sound emanating from your innocently dumb mouth,
Come into my life with unfathomably glittering watches strapped to your glimmering hands; or step into its exhilarating pathway; without even the most solitary ounces of strength; clinging to their feeble softness,
Come into my life with an unsurpassable ocean of marvelous opulence uninhibitedly flowing from your grandiloquent treasuries; or step into its rustic simplicity; without even a minuscule penny in your disdainfully bedraggled pockets,
Come into my life with an incomprehensible fountain of royally scarlet ink profoundly disseminating from your glistening fingers; or step into its fanatically vivacious swirl; without even possessing the slightest of prowess; to emboss even your very own name,
Materialistic things eventually extinguish to an isolation more gory than treacherous death; but I loved you solely for your pricelessly philanthropic soul; which eternally instilled in me the unflinching spirit to survive; wholesomely bonding me in the threads of impregnably everlasting humanity.

Come into my life with bombastically ostentatious ointments adhering to your flesh; or step into its blazing winds; without even the most infinitesimal iota of skin camouflaging your immaculately famished bones,
Come into my life with an unfathomable reservoir of titillating alien scent wafting from your arms; or step into its fathomless enigma; without even the most insipid of charm; enshrouding your sagging visage,
Come into my life with glitteringly imported cardigans euphorically draping your tantalizing chest; or step into its vividly pristine shell; without even a leaf to surreptitiously hide your indigenously obdurate flesh,
Come into my life with castles pretentiously illuminated by artificially astounding brightness; or step into its enchanting melody; without the most capricious your reflection being perceivable; even in the most brilliantly bedazzling Sunlight,
Materialistic things are ominously annihilated as one fashion heartily overrules the other; but Iloved you solely for the indefatigable patriotism in your heavenly stride; irrevocably drifting me to sacrifice my entire life; to the service of innocuously benign

Come into my life with a spell binding empire of a billion corporate houses in your commercial booty; or step into its vividly iridescent paradise; without even a single individual acknowledging; your rampantly fading name,
Come into my life with a pompously inflated fleet of magnificent aircrafts circling round the winds of untamed prosperity; or enter its blissfully fulminating tunnel; without even indispensable hands and legs to fortify your intricately sculptured persona,
Come into my life with an unassailably destructive symposium of missiles and street-smart soldiers by your side; or enter its supremely gratifying domains; without even properly knowing the complete spelling of the belligerent word, fight,
Come into my life with chains of stupendously enthralling gold and silver nearly asphyxiating your already diamond studded neck; or enter its ardently pulsating dancefloor; without even the most remotest of sparkle in your diligently scarlet blood,
Materialistic things dig boundlessly lecherous corpses of stagnation for themselves on every step they tread; while Iloved you solely for your immortally unconquerable heartbeats; the panoramic breath in your passionately inhaling nostrils;
which was my only ray to reach the Divine.

Submitted: May 01, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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