I Needed To Die

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Submitted: May 01, 2018

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Submitted: May 01, 2018



So that you could sleep blissfully all night; languish in the aisles of
desire with an enchanting yawn engulfing your face,
I needed to wake up with my eyes incorrigibly open; fighting valiantly
against the most inconspicuous of evil hovering around.

So that you could eat appetizing food; masticate ravishing chunks of
poignant butter with stupendous relish,
I needed to sustain life on bland slices of bread and water; remain
famished with a large bandanna stringently encapsulating my stomach.

So that you could bathe in crystalline water dribbling from the alps;
apply the most bombastic of shampoo on your dainty skin,
I needed to be content rolling in a slush of dirty rain water; remained
unwashed on the trot; sometimes for days.

So that you could fly kites high and princely in the sky; tugging the
strings ecstatically with your petite hands,
I needed to run helter-skelter in vicinity; trying to capsize all the
broken ones entangled on trees; for you to continue your extravaganza.

So that you could play in a cool ambience of air-conditioner; caress
soft toys and view astounding cartoons,
I needed to traverse through the blistering deserts; bear the brunt of
disdainful sands right on my face.

So that you could wear the best of clothes; embellish you entire flesh
with beads of glittering gold,
I needed to gallivant naked in the freezing cold; bereft of a single
cloth on my body.

So that you could watch exhilarating pictures; inundate your ears with
enigmatic tunes,
I needed to tear every hair from my scalp; in evolving innovative ideas
for you to view.

So that you could laugh wholeheartedly; smile with passionate charisma
all round the clock,
I needed to slog it out against the uncouth world; shed tears of
scarlet blood in my unrelenting battle to win.

So that you could talk loquaciously; flamboyantly announce your presence in bustling crowds,
I needed to inevitably keep myself subdued; stay completely lackluster and dumb in public.

So that you could fantasize incessantly; day-dream rampantly about all the
wonderful lurking in this mystical world,
I needed to exist in pragmatic reality; transgress through a valley of rusted
thorns; for you to romanticize in the corridor of pleasure.

And So that you could live life like a princess; rule the entire universe with
the power of your wealth,
I needed to abdicate breath instantaneously; to metamorphose all your dreams
into perpetual reality; O! yes I NEEDED TO DIE.

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