I Preferred To Call

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I preferred to call smoke;  ONLY SMOKE; as it was disdainfully dirty and horrendously polluted the serene carpets of atmosphere,

I preferred to call the stone ONLY STONE; as it was bereft of the slightest of empathy; stared in morbid silence for hours immemorial towards the blanket of

I preferred to call the pig ONLY PIG; as it prolifically disseminated and perpetuated filth in every mesmerizing path it transgressed,

I preferred to call the knife ONLY KNIFE; as it harbored the virtue of indiscriminate blood; ghastily ripped through innocent flesh at diabolical will,

I preferred to call a chunk of obnoxious sewage ONLY SEWAGE;  as it punctuated the rhapsodic air with an unfathomably repulsive perfume,

I preferred to call a tornado ONLY TORNADO; as it mercilessly annihilated the most minuscule trace of life existing on this planet,

I preferred to call an earthquake ONLY EARTHQUAKE; as it gobbled up immaculate entities in the swirl of its viciously reverberating tremors,

I preferred to call an avalanche ONLY AVALANCHE; as it impregnated an inexplicable wave of deathly chill in all those tangible scattered around; treacherously
engulfed heavenly children in cloudbursts of satanic snow,

I preferred to call the thorn ONLY THORN;  as it invidiously pierced unsuspecting skin; propelled a flurry of hysterical tears to dribble down the cheeks,

I preferred to call the footprint ONLY FOOTPRINT; as it triggered in me an inexorable nostalgia for the past; faded into obsolete wisps of nothingness with
the tiniest draught of wind,

I preferred to call the frown ONLY FROWN;  as it embodied a cloud of pathetic gloom in blissful entities seated around; dreadfully disrupted the harmony of God's divinely creation,

I preferred to call vulture ONLY VULTURE; as it insidiously plucked the flesh of my revered compatriots who had celestially relinquished breath to depart for their heavenly abode,

I preferred to call the dustbin ONLY DUSTBIN; as it profusely fostered overwhelmingly crumpled fragments; which decimated traces of exuberant energy,

I preferred to call the dungeon ONLY DUNGEON; as it ruthlessly abdicated all forms of vivaciously blistering sunlight; rotting in perennial darkness; bringing euphoric man closer to his grave,

I preferred to call bombastic slang ONLY SLANG; as it hideously overpowered the rustically holistic rudiments of an individual; made him wholesomely oblivious to even the place where he was born,

I preferred to call poison ONLY POISON; as it snapped the fangs of precious existence; with its lethally abominable venom,

I preferred to call the devil ONLY DEVIL; as he dared the audacity to raise his savagely senseless head in front of my Omnipresent Creator,

But I preferred to call my Mother; as Mom; Mamma; Mummy; Mommy; Ma and an infinite other names from the repertoire of God; as she was the entity who had given
me birth to witness and relish this fabulous world,

And I preferred to call my Beloved; as sweetheart; darling; revered wife; dreamgirl; poetry; and an infinite other names in the treasury of Almighty Lord; as she was the very reason that I was breathing life this very moment; infact would continue to live even if the planet failed to be born again.

Submitted: May 01, 2018

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