The Fall Of Drangleic

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This is a story that I and my friend made for the first time in our lives, we are pretty newbies at writing stories so please don't be hard on us. If you like this story please follow me and wait
for the 2nd chapter which should be released at 1st or 2nd and please leave a review. We enjoy criticism and would like to improve on them. Leave suggestions if you would like us to use.

Submitted: May 01, 2018

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Submitted: May 01, 2018



We should have died right there and then. How did the Giants outsmart us? How are we even alive? My Brother and I were supposed to be guarding Queen Nashandra, but then suddenly everything went pitch black.

The Archright brothers, the brothers who single-handedly brought Victory to the Kingdom of Drangleic in the Great War against the Giants. There was no soul in the Kingdom that did not know the names of Azrael and Asgore. The Archright brothers battled like as if there was no tomorrow, their bodies knew not of the word exhaustion for they were trained like no other soldiers.

The brothers started training swordsmanship at the age of 7, they were taught by none other than their father who has both the experience and wisdom of a great knight for he had served the Kingdom for many decades, however, the father died in a battle but he didn't die in vain for he knew his children were more than capable of feeding themselves or fighting, he died proudly.

Every child at the time wished to become a great knight to serve the Kingdom with Glory and Pride, but some children never got their wish fulfilled, that included the Archright brothers for they were one among the many poor families that lived outside the gates of Drangleic.

The children outside gates resorted to stealing money and food from the people no matter if they were poor or noble, but the Archright brothers were not, since they had a strong sense of Righteousness and Justice which were traits that a knight had to have.

A couple of years later the brothers Azrael and Asgore joined the Army recruitment camp in which they both succeeded with big praise for they both have scored the highest score possible in combat to join Drangleics Official Army and be trained under Velstadt, The Royal Aegis, the king's right-hand man.

In their first battle, the brothers knew no remorse nor pity for the foe since they were trained by Velstadt who was not the most remorseful for he only knew battle, blood, and his eternal service to the King.

The Brothers quickly rose in ranks until they both got their own small battalion they could Command, in battle, they were almost unbeatable, they conquered land as quickly as the word spread around Drangleic about the brothers who became the Kingdoms Greatest Captains.

*2 Days before the Invasion of the Giants*

To be Continued...

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