I Really, Truly And Shall Forever Love You

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And I liked the way you uninhibitedly chattered; caring an infinitesimal damn about the acrimoniously uncouth planet outside,

And I liked the way you sensuously ambled; tantalizing even the dreariest blade of grass of threadbarely barren soil; to the most unprecedented limits,

And I liked the way you flirtatiously winked; inevitably inviting even the most lackadaisically vindictive skies; to torrentially rain till times beyond infinite infinity,

And I liked the way you unflinchingly paraded; as if the every speck of majestically virile earth; irrefutably belonged to you and solely you,

And I liked the way you ardently stared; perpetually feasting your eyes on
even the most inconspicuously obsolete ingredient of the Lord's panoramically enamoring creation; all day and night,
And I liked the way you wholeheartedly laughed; wholesomely exhausting even
the minutest trace of your miserably entrapped energy; towards the
aisles of vivaciously dancing paradise,

And I liked the way you unconsciously snored; even as the tawdrily corrupt high society around; slept asphyxiating frozen under their frigidly air-conditioned quilts,

And I liked the way you intrepidly galloped; fantastically discovering profoundly blessing newness; the golden dewdrops of untainted fantasy at every step that you victoriously tread,

And I liked the way you fearlessly wrote; expressing your philanthropically
benign thoughts with such candour; which was visible only in the regally steaming rays of the Midday Sun,

And I liked the way you inexhaustibly fought for anti terrorism; exhaled every breath of yours; solely to unite the ghoulishly estranged planet once again; into the
threads of invincible brotherhood,

And I liked the way you tackled adversity; staring it right into its pugnaciously imperiling eye; as if a newborn child Omnipotently stares into iridescently milky space,

And I liked the way you said goodbye when it mattered the most; sacrificing
your umpteenth personal kin; for limitlessly serving your sacrosanct mother
And I liked the way you earnestly prayed; not believing in any spuriously indiscriminating religion; but obeisantly bending down to the religion of humanity; even centuries after the last breath of your life,

And I liked the way you spiritedly danced; liberating unbelievable spurts of magically rejuvenating energy into the sullenly reproachful atmosphere; igniting fireballs of passion even in the most lugubriously penalizing of night,

And I liked the way you nimbly surrendered; altruistically donating each priceless ingredient of your blessed existence; to save the life of your haplessly staggering compatriots,

And I liked the way you tirelessly preached; unequivocally advocating the sermons of amiably embracing camaraderie; even as every single organism on this earth cold-bloodedly laughed you out,

And I liked the way you undauntedly embraced all fraternity of life; as if there existed no diabolical power on this fathomless Universe; which could ever squander
your impregnably harmonious grip,

And I liked the way you impeccably cavorted under the first rays of dawn; just as the mischievous infant bounced in the lap of its unconquerably divine mother,

And I liked the way you sporadically angered; letting vent to the fallibly molecular human within you; which was as sensitive as the royally emerald globule of rain;
of the very first monsoon,

And I liked the way you unshakably promised; as if the virtue of your Samaritan commitment would forever shine; even as cadaverous mortuaries of hell blended
with pragmatically spawning soil,

And I liked the way you miraculously breathed; as if the gallows of the most
ghastliest of death; had been entirely transcended by the effulgently
effervescent whirlpools of life,

And I really loved you in whatever form; shape; color; fraternity; continent; that the Omnipresent Creator had created you in; in whatever stage of life that you met me; in whatever stage of death that your soul bonded with mine; O! Yes; irrespective of whatever yesterday; today or tomorrow that I ever confront; I really; truly and
shall forever love you.

Submitted: May 01, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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