I Spoke Allah

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Submitted: May 01, 2018

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Submitted: May 01, 2018



I spoke a blatantly incorrigible NO; when the unconventional society manipulatively cajoled me to leave my poetry and do an obnoxiously mundane office
job instead,

I spoke a congenial PLEASE; when I wanted to be wholesomely with my beloved; wanted to uninhibitedly admire her and infact she wanted to mélange with the
glittering and star studded party,

I spoke a pathetically morose SORRY; when I had committed a blunder at home; broken my neighbors glass pane; with the obdurate cricket ball I was tossing
wildly in my hands,

I spoke an audaciously domineering EXCUSE ME; when I was being irascibly poked in the cumbersomely long queue; and each time I as I felt my number had finally arrived at the ticket counter; somebody else barged in forcibly; disrupting all my fun,

I spoke a compassionate THANK YOU; when the things I insatiably desired; were delivered at lightening speeds on my feathered doorstep,

I spoke an inevitable YES; when the girl of my dreams; the divinely charisma of my perceptions; invited me to embark on a shopping spree of the contemporarily fabulous city,

I spoke a supremely cordial HELLO; when I met a person for the first time in my life; didn't know the slightest as regards his uncanny persona,

I spoke an inadvertently embarrassing IDIOT; when the imbecile donkey standing in the middle of the street; intractably refused to budge an inch to the side; no matter how stringently I blew the horn of my monstrous automobile,

I spoke an overwhelmingly agitated STOP; when the battalion of sordid mosquitoes hovering around my ear; unrelentingly buzzed a flurry of pertinently
discordant tunes,

I spoke an ebulliently exhilarated RUN; when my friend was just about to commence the race; the bellicose pistol shots punctured still carpets of
air triggering its start,

I spoke a superlatively commanding SLEEP; to the innocuously stubborn child; who kept playing with his toy; even well past after wee hours of the midnight,

I spoke a mischievously flirtatious HI; at witnessing a voluptuous damsel on the solitary streets; that is after she winked at me with a tantalizingly playful nod of her head,

I spoke a timidly submissive PARDON ME; when I couldn't catch the indispensable words which the professor blurted; the very sentences which could
surely arrive in the next day's deplorable exam paper,

I spoke a tumultuously volatile I LOVE YOU; when the only girl I loved; the queen of my hearts seemed to be drifting far away from me into a land of alien

I spoke a thunderously loud SHUT UP; when a cheeky intruder kept interrupting my conversation; disturbed my astronomical bouts of concentration; when I was
blissfully communicating with my Omniscient Creator,

I spoke an infuriatingly abashing RASCAL; when the men I had stationed to guard my mother from perilously lurking evil; were found dreamily dozing in the peak
of brilliant afternoon; with a basket of peeled banana skins loitered sloppily around their feet,

I spoke a tearfully dolorous BYE; when my beloved was going for a few days to her maternal home; and an ocean of agony oozed out poignantly from
my heart and eye,

I spoke a convivially eloquent BON APPETITE; when I sat with my friend fir nocturnal dinner; with an appetizing fleet of sumptuous delicacies lying right before me; sizzling ravishingly into my eyes,

I said an inexorably euphoric ENJOY; when I saw the impetuously flamboyant youngster dancing rampantly on the dance floor; swishing his body in nimble harmony with the seductive moonlight,

I said an unprecedentedly formal NICE TO MEET YOU; when my brief discourse with the Minister ended; and I had manipulatively extracted from his mouth the exact string of words I had actually dreamt of,

And I spoke a mystically Omnipotent ALLAH; every morning as I jolted off from heavenly sleep; every night as I bid farewell to the world for a short time;
and all those moments when I was confronted with inexplicable quandaries in life; when life seemed to be a gruesomely unfathomable turmoil.

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