I Still Failed

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To get out of the towering building; I used the golden escalators; slipping down like a harmoniously dying fountain,

To get out of the dingily dark well; I used a thick rope as a tenacious pulley to hoist me from the imprisoned ambience into tangy free air,

To get out of the flying aircraft; I used a buoyant parachute to blissfully cascade down on the verdant and perpetually green lawns,

To get out of diabolical prison; I used an ingeniously intricate key to open the impregnably looming and savagely gleaming doors,

To get out of the treacherous cave; I used the slim ceiling outlet timidly visible like frugal specks of dirt; from the place where I hopelessly crawled,

To get out of the miserably stranded shores; I used a boat of overwhelmingly strong wood; and a swift pair of maneuverable oars,

To get out of the blazing flames of blistering fire; I used umpteenth pails of water to douse them in rapid succession,

To get out of the labyrinth of enigmatic tunnels and halls; I used the profoundly distinct chalk markings embossed on the walls; the shimmering magnetic compass
which I held securely in my palms,

To get out of the commercially busy and boisterous market; I used an ergonomically molded squashed bicycle to escort me into free space at astounding speeds,

To get out of the spell binding ocean of sedative fantasy; I used a pail of abysmally freezing water to splash on my wholesomely lost and dreamy face,

To get out of the baffling web of incredulous complications; I used the idol of my Sacrosanct Creator as the last and final respite,

To get out of the obnoxiously hurting pair of claustrophobic shoes; I dexterously decoded the onerous armory of black lace lingering from its body,

To get out of the perennial state of gloom hovering incorrigibly around my body; I used pulsating music to inundate my forlorn life with unprecedented ebullience
and cheer,

To get out of the repetitive chain of thoughts which incessantly kept stabbing my mind like a million volcano's; I blurted a simple word called 'No'; banging
it vociferously into the atmosphere,

To get out of the intractably dark stains of dirt adhering to my flawless skin; I used a stringent carbolic to evaporate them into the land of worthless nothingness,

To get out of the bottom of the deep ocean; save myself from the tyranny of ruthless drowning; I used my hands and legs prolifically to adroitly manipulate my way;
smile merrily and swim,

To get out of the bountifully blossoming scent of passionate rose; I used my nostrils to optimum effect; closing them intransigently with my fingers; to block my nose to the most inconspicuous of fragrance,

To get out of this planet forever; I used a gleaming knife to slit my throat; eternally end the chapter of my baseless existence,

But no matter how hard I tried; implemented infinite steps of veritable barbarism including the ones mentioned above; I still failed to get her out of my mind; and for each time I tried to forget her; her image became a million times more embedded in the very center of my mind; the very center of my life.

Submitted: May 01, 2018

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