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Dedicated to those who live in the shadows of ourt American life

Submitted: May 01, 2018

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Submitted: May 01, 2018




By Carla Charter

I live in the shadows

I cannot go back there

But I cannot belong here

I do not speak your language very well

Nor do you speak mine well

Yet, somehow we communicate

You look down at me

Yet I am envious of you, my equal

As you have the one thing I have wanted since I came, security

You have your journey

And I have mine

The journeys we are on are ours and ours alone

 Though we travel together on the same road

crossing paths here and there

Still our journeys are not shared

Our secrets kept close safeguarded from strangers, from each other

From anyone who might use our words against us

To send us back there

Where only hopelessness, hunger and heartache await.

Yet only compassion and kindness can bind our two journeys together.

You seem to feel I dirty you with my presence

As I clean the floors around you.

You call me lazy as I pick your crops and pour your coffee

At worst if I am found out

My absence alone, will not be felt by any other than family

My absence combined however

Will leave food rotting on the vine

Will leave places where muddy footprints will now stay

No longer swept up by those dirty immigrants

 And provide a longer wait to get your morning coffee

So, to avoid the worse

I stay quiet

 I watch

Always on the alert

For that moment when I

 may need to fade

under the protective shadow

of your flag once again

Hoping for one more day

One more week

Of the peace

That this shadow life brings.


© Copyright 2019 Carla Charter. All rights reserved.

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