I Wanted

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Submitted: May 01, 2018

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Submitted: May 01, 2018



I  wanted to be a part of the kingly orchestra,
dance wildly all night flexing dormant muscles of my body.

i wanted to swing in silky webs weaved of spider thread,
drown in the saline ocean amidst an ambience of grey whale.

i wanted to devour large chunks of unripened banana,
roll in silver sands with awesome amount of rain tumbling down.

i wanted to smell the sugary aroma of brilliant red rose,
bathe in shower taps oozing an incessant flow of golden honey.

i wanted murky clouds soaked in sandalwood to tickle hair in my nostril,
swim through frightening deep areas of the water pool.

i wanted tonnes of salt in the food i consumed,
walk on sparkling floor smeared with rich quality grease.

i wanted a compact wrist watch studded with roman numerals,
sleep all night in a cane straw house high up in twined branches of neem tree.

i wanted to plunge into the dark valley with a parachute attached,
sip violet grape juice at painstaking speeds from the crystal glass.

i wanted to gallop across mighty currents of African wind,
feed the fishes in the tank with minuscule grub and crushed bone.

i wanted to help all in distress and afflicted with pain,
earn gargantuan amount of wealth to achieve the same.

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