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Just beautiful daily random thoughts.

Submitted: May 01, 2018

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Submitted: May 01, 2018





Spirit of the souls physically aligned for all its glorious worth

Conceived in love

Given from above

Nine months of darkness, to be

Pushed into the world to see 

To perceive

From the cradle, death should once return

Earthly mourn

Back to the darkness from which I came forth, only to be reborn



Everyone’s life’s game

Contentment in the galaxy spells out your name

No two of you will ever be the same

Happiness, it’s rightfully yours to claim

Woman or man

Inner peace of American’s plan



A word sits in the corner all alone

Not dancing with anyone, the world refuses to play its song

The Blues lyrics of life’s echoing leaps and bounds

Despair trials its darken clouds circling around and around


Homie, Lover, Friend

Italian needs met under the covers by an attentive man

Connecting with the motion as he's sailing the deep ocean

Spell…umm…yes, that Key 5 love potion

Soothing, vessel floating within the Nile of now pearly inner lotion

Sex me, old habits is so very hard to break, no debates

Have fasted, but can’t still wait


Thrilling under bounding submission

Alone, me, never

Fantasies seasoned for every channeled weather


Just Breathe

Gasping for breath

Oxygen, inhalers, steroids, I have already tried all the rest

Constricted lungs, still no rest

Lungs oxygenated to expand again, airfield clear

The breathing mechanics to live, love it, abuse it, early graven tears

A breath of life is beneficial after uncontrolled coughing or a restrictive airway wheeze

Praying that tormented breath will not be your last, as the fate of life throws you a tease

Inhale and exhale the essence of life

Sneeze out the daily strife

God Bless You


The Alignment Of The Stars

To love thee

Is the fate of giving yourself unto me

Love and Desire

Heart flames of fire

One sweet whisper can be so very loud

Presence finding that kindred spirit within the crowd

The galaxy and its vivid wondrous so far, yet true

Stars shooting across the sky to have found you

As lost in space

Colors of the rainbow has no face

The conquer of love supersedes the fallacy of the human race



Silence, no more sweet whispers, who in this world really belong

No muse, no emotional song

Beautiful words were once mine alone

A Knight in shining armor once protected a Queen’s throne

Tainted now, the other side

Truth now or is it projected lies

One can never tell

Sold me that bridge in Brooklyn with sultry details

Cupid’s cricked bow and arrow, no heaven, no stars

Venus loosened the universal hold from a handsome man from Mars

Gifted mental strings cut

Rewind, rewind, rewind, hit playback, darn it, no such luck, WTF


Judgment Day

No more atoning words to say

All presence will stand, hopefully you have religiously prayed

Once God comes

Mankind shall bow, no feet shall run

Sins prevailed

The calling of soul’s life stated in earthy details

Pearly Gates or Eternal Hell

Lived a good life, only the scrolls displaying your fate would tell

Reincarnation whispered to hear

Crown placed on head for you my dear

Carnage of your past, denial of God’s Throne, falling on a deaf ear


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