Aston and the Dark lady

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hello this is a story about a boy that is a wizard. this story was written by a autistic boy aka me...

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“I’m running in the forest, it’s dark and mysterious. I hear a howl, then…” “Aston, sweetie wake up!” my mom calls. THUMP! ... Read Chapter

The Bank

“Let’s see tall, short dark brown hair, bluish grayish eyes… you must be Fury’s boy…” he says in a deep voice. “He looks ... Read Chapter

Mysterious Goodbye

The next morning we are done packing… “now we need to get to the airport” says my father “so… where are we moving to?” I as... Read Chapter


“Uh… dad what is this?” I ask my father “just read it you’ll need it” replies my father with a smirk. “Oh no” I think t... Read Chapter

the Plane

We walk into the airport and walk through customs and my father says “son let’s go to the bathroom it’s going to be a long flight... Read Chapter


I see about 39,000 people and something unbelievable! A huge airplane that says “Costopia Air” on the side. Then i realize that some ... Read Chapter


I walk up the stairs, and come to a bridge that leads to the plane. I walk down the bridge. And come into a hallway that leads to cabin... Read Chapter


I put another gold coin and pull the lever again and I win jackpot! And I try again and again every time i win a higher jackpot from mi... Read Chapter


The bartender goes to a large wooden barrel with a relatively large glass and pours a purplish, bluish juice looking liquid… “here ... Read Chapter

let's eat...

“Anything from the cart?” a woman yells! Jackson and I glance at each other… we get up and run to the door of the cabin! I open t... Read Chapter


She hands Jackson and me all the food we ordered “that all?” she asks us “yeah that’s all” I say “that will be 3 doubloons... Read Chapter

Dream world

“What are you talking about your a wizard too” says Jackson. “No… I’m not a wizard! it’s not possible!” I yell once again... Read Chapter


“What was that for?” I Scream “I was trying to tell you something important! Then you fainted...” says jackson. “What is it?... Read Chapter


“So Jackson what’s your family like?” I ask him. “They’re the normal wizards… not much to say…” says Jackson “and wha... Read Chapter


“we are going to land soon” says a man over speaker of the plane. “Well i’m going to go pack my stuff” I say to Jackson “ok... Read Chapter


“Thump! thump! thump! Thump!” goes my heart. There is pure white drops of liquid are falling from the sky… “It’s raining” s... Read Chapter


A girl walks in, she is wearing a pink tank top with long brown hair, slim, magenta eyes, feminine facial features, pretty and pointed ... Read Chapter


“What is my power anyway, oh no… what should I say?” I think to myself urgently then there is a large thump as the plane lands as... Read Chapter


I bolt from the plane as fast as I can. I follow the signs leading to customs. “Hey Aston! Over here!” yells a lady I turn around a... Read Chapter

Home Sweet home

We drive through the city then we get out to the suburbs and it’s looks just like my old home. We finally drive up to a large house t... Read Chapter


I fall to my knees… “why didn’t you tell me!” I demanded “Aston your real name is Aston Jackson David” says my mother… ... Read Chapter


“Alright” replies Jackson “by the way what’s your last name? Mine is Gem, Jackson Gem…” says Jackson “oh, it’s David, A... Read Chapter


“Okey, fair enough” says Jackson, we walk to a soda shop on the block and buy some ginger ale. I go to pay the cashier but jackson ... Read Chapter


We run and take a left into an alleyway hoping the thugs run by like in a movie. The thugs run by. Jackson lets out a loud sigh “well t... Read Chapter


I close my eyes waiting for death… I feel dust hit me in the face… I open my left eye convinced I’m dead. “What the heck… why d... Read Chapter

see ya!

I open my eyes and the guy is completely on fire! He falls to the ground and starts rolling around. Jackson walks over to me “we shou... Read Chapter

Oh, no...

sorry that i have not posted in awhile... I've hit a block and i'm still at the block so sorry if i don't post for a while...
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I start Packing for school and a question formed in my mind “Who are my real parents and did they abandon me?” I bit my tongue to t... Read Chapter

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