Only Human

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Submitted: May 01, 2018

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Submitted: May 01, 2018



Who are we?
Are we our words or the choices we make?
Are we our interests or the people we meet?
Are we the way we handle situations or the way we stay silent?
Are we the impact we have on the world or the thoughts we lose ourselves to?
We are human but what does that mean?
Are we intricate or intelligent?
Are we consciousness or compassion?

We are what we define ourselves to be for we have something animals and plants don't.
We are language.
We our what we speak into exsitence.
If I declare myself to be loving, then loving I will be but only if I believe it.
If I declare myself to be hated, then hated I will be but only if I believe it.
You may say, "Nay, That can't be so for you cannot tell one they do not love you."
This may be true, I cannot feel what you feel but if I declare myself hated then I will be blind to all your love. My eyes will only see hatred and neglect therefore making me what I declare myself to be. Hated.

If I delcare myself to be stupid, then stupid I will be.
If I declare myself to be smart, then smart I will be.
You may say, "I can find 100 way's you're not smart." But if I believe I am I will find 1,000 ways to prove you wrong.

I am bad, but by who's definition?
One may shun me for being a meat eater and say I am cruel. This is the truth but only within their world for in their wold that is the truth.
In the eyes of a meat eater they may say I have good taste which is true but only within their world.
What is truth but our own beliefs? 

We are human but by who's definition?
We fight for success but we don't know what that means.
We fight to be decent but instead we run into failure.
We try to fit into a world that isn't our own for our world is what we declare it to be not what others say it is.

So who are we?
I say we are humanity, we are mistakes. 
We are the starving people on the street.
We are the wealthy in their mansions.
We are the faces long forgotten and we are the faces on TV.
There is no me without you and there is no you without we.
But that is my world and that's who I say we are. I am not wrong for this is my truth, agree or disagree that's fine by me but then I must ask you...

Who do you say we are?
What is your truth?
What shapes your world?
Answer carefully because this is what your life shapes itself around. 
Language is powerful, underestimated. 
Use your gift constructively.

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