Lula's English Garden

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Just a look at one gardener's world.

Submitted: May 01, 2018

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Submitted: May 01, 2018



Honeysuckle and Blue Bells

In a backyard English Garden

Some Dog Rose and Cowslip

In an unlikely place called Harlem.

There is Ragged Robin, here and there,

Among the Foxglove, and the Yarrow.

The Bluebells and Buttercups,

I'm sure will bloom tomorrow.


Two Rottweiler dogs patrol the fence

Around Lula Tyson's little Tutor

They're her friends and protectors

She calls them Buttercup and Scooter.

Sometimes they are a friendly annoyance

While she is planting or pulling weeds

They might lick her face or nuzzle her hand

Or try to eat her planting seeds.


This is Lula's own little world

An island of security, locked in the past,

The world outside has passed her by

But as long as she lives her world will last.

Her daughter visits and they go shopping

And to church, each and every Sunday.

Friday is Scrabble, at Betty’s, next door

But it's Dominoes and tea on Monday.


Now it is spring and winter is shed

Lula has lots in her garden to do.

Sweet Violets and Kingcups

Are her sign to start planting a-new.

After all, her garden’s the best

With its British wildflower theme

At least --- that is what she's been told

By the gnomes in her garden, green.



JE Falcon


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