Minecraft Unofficial Cringebook

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A complication of minecraft that will make you cringe about how much time you wasted on a game that is basically a sandbox. I mean come on, go outside!!!!

Submitted: May 01, 2018

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Submitted: May 01, 2018



This book is for cringey kids who like fortnite,roblox and minecraft. Do you like diamond swords. Well I took your diamond pickaxe. First Steve was born like none other human, he spawned. Then he chopped down a tree. Then he crafted a crafting table. Then he made a wooden pickaxe. Then he mined some coal and stone. Then he made a furnace. Then he killed Reuben. After that he cooked Reuben's remains. Then he feasted on the cooked remains. After that he wondered,why are you still reading this handbook. Then he started mining again. And then he built a house and crafted a pickaxe. After cringing for five minutes at a noob's dirt house, Steve cooked steak. Then he met Alex. Alex left in disgust,after punching Steve of course. Five years later, the kid who was playing minecraft decided to play again. Then he went into creative mode. He built a mansion and said done. He later went to school to find out he didn't beat the game. So then Steve goes and fight's the ender dragon in creative mode. The kid playing minecraft went to school saying he beat the game and then he smashes the game in half. His friend then say's he didn't beat it because he was in creative. The kid cried for the rest of his life and never touched minecraft again,until minecraft story mode came out. He thought he was done until season two then came out. His parents never forgave him for how much money they wasted on a game that you can't restart.  He raged quit after he killed Lluna the llama. The llama knew too much.

The kid was invited to minecon for some weird reason. He felt like he was going to scream (he did so just imagine the most annoying sound you've ever heard). So he blackmailed his parents to make him a Steve suit, trust me, he has his ways. And then they finally went to minecon. Notch was there explaining about the next update about dolphins. And then the kid saw it, a guy dressed up as Lluna the llama. The kid's face turned as red as an apple and he screamed(again, just imagine). The guy in the suit broke all his ribs and Notch said he just had an idea for a new mob.

(5 months later)

The kid goes on minecraft because apparently the update was "huge". He then looked in the eggs and saw the new mob. It said crazy insane kid. Then he went to go play roblox for the rest of his life.


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