101 Flavours

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Horror. Humour.Flash Fiction.

Submitted: May 01, 2018

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Submitted: May 01, 2018



101 Flavours


  I hadn't had sex for so long I was going mad. I had to go to 

to the local knocking shop to get some relief. It was called, "101

Flavours." It sounded like an ice-cream parlour.

  The madam asked me what flavour I would like...

- What do you mean?

- The girls here all have different flavours sir. They're all made out of 

chewing gum.

- Guess they won't mind if I eat them then!

- Very droll sir. No, the owner of the brothel was a very heavy smoker,

but he had to give it up, being concerned about his health, as

I'm sure you understand. So he started chewing copious amounts

of chewing gum. He didn't know what to do with the used gum, he

was very enviromentally conscious. He didn't want to throw it out

with the rubbish, so instead he  sculptured beautiful girls out of it.

He is a genius sir! And he brought them to life by showing them

internet porn. They couldn't get enough sexual stimulation, so they

work here now!

- Amazing.

- Now what flavour would you like sir? We've got Spearment, 

Peperment, Juicey Fruit...

- Juicey Fruit. I always liked Juicey Fruit.

- Well come this way through this door, and I'll introduce you

to Juicey Lucy!

  Juicey Lucy lay naked on the bed. She was indeed juicey, a 

beautiful brunette!

- Sir all the girls the owner has created are without bodily 

functions, they are like the virgins in paradise, they exist only 

for your pleasure. Juicey Lucy is no exception.

- I can't wait to find out!

  I looked at Juicey Lucy, she was beautiful alright, but for some 

reason she had a foot missing, and also some of the flesh on her 


- Isn't she beautiful sir?

- Yes, she is, but she has a couple of blemishes.

- Oh, you mean her foot and her face? I'll explain. Unfortunately 

the owner doesn't chew sugar free gum, no he prefers gum with 

sugar in it. I've tried to tell him it's bad for his teeth, and he's diabetic

as well, anyway he won't listen to me. So sometimes when the girls 

are sleeping ants get in and they attack their bodies. The ants are

very hungry around here.

- Not to worry, she seems wholesome in all the right places, I can't 

wait to get started.

- You go ahead then sir, I'll leave you to it.

  I was hesitant at first but Juicey Lucy soon coaxed me with her

fingers, and tongue, and mouth.

- You don't need that, you won't catch anything of me!

  I put the condom back in my pocket, and we were at it like a bull

and a cow for ten minutes.

  When I was finished I rolled over and went to sleep exhausted.

 I was woken by something biting my skin, I could feel tiny bites

on my skin, and I saw that there were ants all over me. I tried to

move, but I couldn't move. I stuck to the bed, and I noticed that

I smelt of Juicey Fruit! I was made now of  chewing gum, and the 

ants were eating me. The more I tried to move the more I stuck to

the bed. The ants kept eating...

I turned to Juicey Lucy alongside me, she seemed to be awake, 

she smiled, I realised now why the madam had never asked me 

to pay!

  Juicey Lucy smiled at me again...

- We have to feed the ants sir!


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